• from Grand Rapids (Michigan, United States)

Brian and Gregg after the ring rescue.

Brian, his wife Laura, family and friends were vacationing at a cottage at Houghton Lake, MI. On Saturday afternoon, less than 3 hours into the vacation, he was playing catch with a football in the lake and his platinum ring slipped off his finger in about 3 feet of water. He thought it would be easy to find and grabbed a mask and search the water for about two hours then gave up. He thought it was lost for good. Feeling terrible because “he loved his ring, he wore it every day for 11 years without taking it off.” It cost $1,100 but the sentimental value far exceeds its actual worth and to him was irreplaceable. He thought about it all night.On Sunday morning, Brian turned on his IPad and typed “lost ring water Michigan” into a Bing Search engine and followed the link to theringfinders blog. He found me in Grand Rapids, MI and left a message at about 9:30 Sunday morning. I had just got out of church and noticed a call so about 20 minutes after his message I called him back. My brother Doug and I were planning on going up to the Upper Peninsula to find another ring so I told Brian we would detour up to Houghton Lake to search for his ring. We got up to the cottage about 1:30PM changed into our suits, got our gear and began the search, in less than 30 minutes I found his ring. He said “it was an amazing sound to hear me say, does this look like your ring”.

    After some pictures, handshakes and smiles we headed on up North. Thank you for the generous reward, I was our pleasure to put a smile back on your face.