Lost ring near Centennial Park, Cascade, MI

  • from Grand Rapids (Michigan, United States)

"I just can't believe you found it"

Pat Lindquist was busy doing some gardening around her Condo when finding her glove uncomfortable with her ring on, she removed her glove and took her ring off and put it on the trunk of her car that was sitting in the garage.

Forgetting about the ring until the next day while having a manicure, she noticed the ring missing and remembered where she put it. Pat went out and rented a detector, told the walkers and joggers that come by her condo and letting the maintenance man know that it was lost and she put an ad in the local newspaper. I answered the ad and asked her several questions. The answers I got, told me it wasn’t around the condo, so I placed an old ring on her trunk and told her to back out of the driveway and then drive about a hundred feet.  She did and the ring did not move. My brother Doug and I then got in my car and I told her to drive the route she took last week. As she drove we watched the ring on the trunk and when she traveled about 1/2 a mile and turned a corner the ring moved a little bit but did not fall off, she kept on driving. After about another couple of blocks coming to a busy intersection, I told her to stop. We took the ring off the trunk lid and I told her to go back home and we will come by soon.

An engagement ring made into a cocktail ring.

Doug headed down the busy street and I back tracked to the corner where the ring moved on the trunk. I walked along the gutter and on the edge of the grass and after about 30 feet there it was in the gutter waiting for me after one week in the cold and alone on the lonely street.

We came back to the condo and seeing that the ring was insured, I presented Pat with a letter for her insurance agent. At the same time Doug held up the ring on his pinkie and Pat started crying. She asked us in her home and we met her husband who told Pat at one point last week “we might be a scam”. We laughed and affirmed the importance of integrity of this activity.

Pat promised to tell everyone listed above and the girls at work won’t believe it.

As a RINGFINDER you need to ask leading questions, be a detective and look beside where the ring was thought to be.