Lost childs ring in Rockford, MI

  • from Grand Rapids (Michigan, United States)

A happy grandmother, trust reinstated.

Linda Timmer called me Sat June 2nd and said she lost a child’s gold ring that her granddaughter to her to hold for

Childs gold ring with amber stone.

her for safe keeping. She put it in her pocket after seeing her granddaughter and went home. While staying at a small cottage on Myers Lake, while their home was being remodeled. She brought her dog out to the back yard and threw her car keys to her husband and at thqat time unbeknown to her the ring came out of her pocket into the grass. She didn’t discover it until later so she went out and searched the car and went over the grass on her hands and knees to no avail.

Linda had been told that there was a newspaper article written by Tom Rademacher about Gregg Larabel the Ring Finder. She gave me a call and I told her I would be out Monday morn at 10am.  My brother Doug usually goes out with me as we make a great team. After meeting Linda and her husband, she retold the story and then we began to hunt.

Using a grid system Doug started on one end and I on the  other, it was only about 20 square feet of lawn. After about 20 minutes Doug reached down, using his Bounty Hunter Fast Tracker, and picked up the ring.

A happy and relieved grandmother promised never to mis-handle something that her grandaughter intrusted with. A nice couple that both Doug and I could identify with being veterans ourselves.