Ring lost for 6 months found in Farmington Hills, MI

  • from Grand Rapids (Michigan, United States)

Lost ring while walking on the side of road near home.

 Last fall while walking on the side of a road near their home, Peters wife lost an expensive heirloom ring given to him from his mother.

He had a few boys and rented detctors go out shortly after and look in the grass and weeds by the road to no avail. Fearing that someone might have picked it up he forgot about it until he saw a TV show about The Ring Finders. He went on line and found my name and gave me a call, ironically I was out on another mission at Wixom Lake but told him I would call him back.

After hearing the story I agreed to meet him the next morning and drove 140 miles east of my home. I brought my brother, Doug, with me figuring two heads are better than one. We search alot together with great success. Peter met us at his home and led us a mile down the road to the spot he thought the ring was lost. After pointing between 2 telephone poles and between the edge of the street and 15 feet in, we began the search.

We set up a grid search with Doug on one end and I on the other. After an hour of wacking at weeds and scratching at gravel from the side of the road Doug found the ring about an inch under some dirt probably left over from the plow the previous winter.

Unable to reach Peter I left a message: “call me right away, (I’m at the Pawn shop)” I thought he would get a laugh out of it and a few minutes later he called me and I told him I would meet him at his house. He drove up and we presented him the ring (that needed a good cleaning). It was a beautiful ring with a big karot diamond surrounded by an emerald and four diamonds and eight more diamonds on the side.

Peters wife was home and was beside herself with joy. After giving us a generous reward we were on our way back home thinking about what we did for a very nice couple and another chance to show how much integrity this program has.