Lost necklace found! Cascade, MI

  • from Grand Rapids (Michigan, United States)

After receiving an email from Sandy on Sunday I gave her a call and set up a time to come out and search for a necklace she lost. Sandy has several wild Blackberry patches in her back yard and while she was out picking berries this past summer she discovered her silver necklace was gone. She had a bucket around her neck freeing up both hands to pick berries but because of the thick brush and prickers on the bushes she thinks her necklace must have gotten snag on a branch.

Sandy started to clear as much brush around the bushes as she could and searched painstakingly each bunch she cleared but to no avail. Sandy remembered an article in the Grand Rapids Press about me and metal detecting and looked on the internet and the rest is history. I came out to her house today weather was cloudy about 40 degrees and attempted to set up a grid in thick fallen weeds and difficult pricker bushes. After about 15 minutes I got a little beep on my Bounty Hunter detector and moved some grass and sticks laid down from the past months snow storms and there it was.

Another happy recipient of  THERINGFIDER.