Lost wedding band in Stevensville, MI

  • from Grand Rapids (Michigan, United States)

Driving home from Chicago I received a cell call from Kurt D. who lost his wedding ring. He said he lived in Stevensville, Mi and I told him I just past a few miles from there on my way back to Grand Rapids.

Kurt lost his ring in the basement of his duplex. He had placed it on a towel while doing something and when he grabbed the towel the ring popped off and landed somewhere in the basement. He heard it ting when it hit the floor but could not find it after searching for hours. Kurt went and rented a metal detector to no avail. He searched the Internet for lost rings and found theringfinders and my name.

I called him on Sunday night when I got home and discussed his problem and how he searched but could not find the ring. We discussed the $50 travel expense and said I would be coming down the following Friday. I then told him I could save him $50 if he followed a few directions for another search of his basement.

I suggested that he clear one side of the basement and then search all the cracks and crevaces, then go to the other side of the basement and take one item at a time, search through it and then place it in the cleared out area. After that is done look up in the floor joyces to see if it lodged up there some place. Finally check around the furnace and air ducts and any other fixtures in the basement.

The next day, (Monday), Kurt texted me and said ” I’m delighted to tell you my beloved wife and her friend actually took your advice and found the ring while I was at work. lol”  ” Thank you so, so, so much for your tme and most importantly your expertise”. He told everyone at work what happened and if anyone ever needed a Ring Finder we have one at our disposal.

So another happy husband reunited with his wedding band  sans metal detector and  physical presence of the RINGFINDER.