• from Deerfield Beach (Florida, United States)

Yesterday, I was contacted by Nagelli, who was visiting Deerfield Beach with her fiancé Tyler. She had lost her engagement ring at the beach that evening. I was on shift at work but told her I could meet them by about 9AM. She said she couldn’t make it until 10:30. I said if she had the information I could get started prior to their arrival. She had taken perfect pictures of where she had lost the ring. I got to the beach at about 9AM and started to grid the area. Of course there was some people sitting right in the area where I was searching. I explained to them what I was doing and asked if I could look around them. They said I could but the woman seemed very annoyed. She said something but I couldn’t hear it with my headphones on.


After clearing that area, I decided to check a little closer to the water. And bam! The numbers were not what I expected but since I really wanted to find the ring for them I was digging everything at this point. Nagelli had described the ring perfectly. I sent her a picture and she was so excited! I had found her engagement ring! They were about 10 minutes away at this point, so I said I’d wait for them there, just look for the guy with the metal detector 😁


I was very thankful I was able to help this lovely young couple. Congratulations Tyler and Nagelli and best wishes!

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