My first Ringfinder return!

  • from Deerfield Beach (Florida, United States)

Nov 30, 2022


Today, I went to the beach to do some searching when I was approached by a lovely young lady named Antonia. She said hi, at first I didn’t think she was talking to me. Then she explained she lost her earring a couple days before and gave me the general area. I told her I’d be glad to look, but I know people with detectors frequently come to that beach. Well, needless to say I found it in like 2 minutes. Antonia was so happy. Thank you for being my first ringfinder return Antonia!


2 Replies to “My first Ringfinder return!”

  1. George Hicks says:

    Congratulations fellow RingFinder Glenn!
    Welcome to TheRingFinders and nice work! Looking forward to more of your stories to come.

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