Levi at Lake Superior 8-1-2018

  • from Matthews (North Carolina, United States)

I received a call to find a lost ring on August 18, 2018. I located this ring using an Electroscope by Thomas long range detector and a Tesoro Tiger Shark metal detector.

“While getting out of a kayak on Lake Superior, we were buzzed by a finishing boat that created some choppy water. I stuck my hand in the lake for balance, and when I pulled it out, my wedding ring was gone. I couldn’t believe it! We looked for an hour before a storm came up and forced us to quit. I decided I probably wasn’t the first person to lose a ring, and some Googling led me to The Ring Finders. I decided to give it a shot, even though I was basically resigned to the thought that my ring was lost forever. I reached out to Gary and he was able to make the trip up to Duluth the very next day. After arriving at the beach, he messaged me to say he might have located something. I must say, I was not convinced at that point. A while later, he sent a picture of a ring. My ring! I’m so amazed and grateful that he was able to locate something as small as my wedding ring in Lake Superior. What a great gift on the week of our anniversary!

I will certainly be taking my ring off when I paddle or put my arm in the water in the future!

Thanks for braving the cold water and locating my ring Gary! I hope you keep putting your amazing detecting skills to good use!”