Lost Wedding Ring - Cary - Recovered!

  • from Raleigh (North Carolina, United States)

I received a call from a woman who had been out on a dinner-movie date with her husband. Somewhere between the beginning of the movie and arriving in her living room, she had lost her wedding ring. There are wedding rings, and then there are WEDDING rings — she was devastated by the loss of this one. Starting at the theater parking lot, her steps were retraced (parking lot, car, driveway, yard, and deck), all searched with no luck. She thought maybe the ring had come off on the deck and fallen through, so the whole under-the-deck area was searched too — still no luck.

After coming up empty-handed, I went back to her house to give it one more try. Based on that second search, here’s what we were able to piece together about the night the ring was lost.  Apparently, when they got home after the movie and their large dog greeted her at the rear of the house, she threw her hands up and the ring flew off her finger. It not only cleared the deck (and just missed the corner of the house) but landed in the side yard, 30-35 feet from where she was. Although it was covered by some fallen leaves, it was an easy recovery once I included the side yard into the search area. She burst into tears when I showed her what I had found in the leaves.