How To Find A Lost Ring

  • from Raleigh (North Carolina, United States)

People become attached to things…like jewelry…and especially engagement and wedding rings. I got a tentative call from a sheriff’s deputy in a nearby county. (He ) His fiancee had lost her engagement ring. I’m thinking “OK, it happens.” He described what they were doing when she lost it — taking the groceries from the car to the house — and he knew exactly the path she had walked when taking in the groceries.

When he said he had searched the “she-lost-it-in-this-area” the entire day, but had no luck in finding the ring, it had me wondering why. I drove to their house and we mapped out the area to search. Thankfully, because it was a fairly well-defined area, I was able to find the ring quickly and return it. It turned out that the ring had worked its way down through the grass and was sitting on the soil, so it was maybe 3 inches down — definitely not visible.

Breaking out the detector allowed me to find it quickly, and it was in exactly the location he said. Glad to be able to help out!