Gifted 14K Gold Wedding Ring, Lost In The Ocean, in Crescent Beach State Park, Cape Elizabeth, Maine, Found With A Metal Detector

  • from Old Orchard Beach (Maine, United States)

Recovery and return #35, in the past year. Should you ever lose a ring, keys, phone, jewelry or anything metallic, contact The Ring Finders of Maine, for a chance to get your item back, that you thought was lost forever.

On Wednesday, May 29th, 2024, I found a Men’s Wedding Ring and posted it to Facebook, in the hopes, the owner would recognize it and I would be able to return it. One of the comments, on my post was from Samantha. She commented, “My son lost a Gold Wedding Ring, at Crescent Beach, last weekend, if you ever find anything there”.
I replied that I was sorry to hear this and could she send me a Facebook private message, which she did. I replied with an aerial view of Crescent Beach State Park, Cape Elizabeth, ME, in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. I marked off 5 sections of the large beach area and asked Samantha if her son had lost the ring in one of the 5 sections. She sent back my photo, with an area, circled in yellow and told me it was lost in that area. She then sent another PM and stated

“ He lost it in the water, a little bit, but the tides were in between. He’s only 9 and it was my Dad’s ring, that he gave to him. He was super sad, when it fell off”.

I replied with,
“So not to deep. I am not familiar with this beach but I can certainly give it a try. I do have waterproof detectors. You say the tides were in between, so he wasn’t way out there”.

Samatha replied, “He wasn’t way out! Dry sand was a very short distance behind me. The beach that day was pretty clear as well, so we could see the bottom. Just couldn’t find the ring”.

I then told her that I had a previous commitment, the next morning, Thursday, was going to be out of state, on Friday and if Crescent Beach State Park, would grant me permission, I would search on Saturday, when the tide was advantageous. I told her if I could make it Thursday, I would, but it would be tight, with the tide coming in. With the ring, already lost for 5 days, in the water m I really didn’t want to wait until Saturday.
Samantha replied, “Aww ok! No pressure at all! Thank you”!
I knew there was pressure because when something is lost in the water or, the tides and waves could potentially make it lost forever. I had to get there asap.

The next morning, I finished up with my commitment and it was 10:30am. Low tide was at 11:09am. If I left right then and drive the approximate 25 30 minutes, to the State Park, I could get 2-3 hours of searching completed, before the incoming tide would overtake the search area.

I arrived at Crescent Beach State Park and started searching at 11:10am, low tide. The tide was now coming in. I started searching about a 1/3 of the way down, to the water and performed a grid search, horizontally to the beach and the ocean. Back and forth, searching approximately 100 to 125 feet and then turning around heading back to the starting point. I had made 4 such passes, digging the occasional non-ferrous target. At approximately 35 – 40 minutes, into the search, I received a mixed signal, on my VDI screen, that would not repeat. I would sometimes get a ferrous signal and sometimes a nonferrous signal. It could be two different metals, next to each other, throwing the detector off. I had enough of a good nonferrous signal, that I couldn’t, not dig it. The detector was telling me it was 3 inches under the sand and I slid the scoop, into the hard packed sand. Ran my coil, over the pile of sand and the target, was in the pile of sand that I had just dug out of the beach. I pulled my pin pointer out and stuck it in the pile, I had just dug. The pin pointer located the target and as I removed the sand, around the target, I saw the unmistakable color of GOLD. I removed a little more sand and saw the complete ring. I had found the ring.

I then sent a photo of the ring, on my scoops handle, to Samantha and she replied, “OMG, That’s right in the area we were in. You are so amazing. I’m sending the photo, to my Dad, real quick, to confirm. I believe it is”. A couple of minutes later, “Yes it is!!!”

I then told Samantha to give me a call at 1:00pm, when I arrived home, so we could make plans to return the ring.
Samantha the sent another PM, “My son is going to be so happy. He cried and cried and said he would give anything, to have the ring back. You are quite possibly, the best person on earth.” Well, her son will be getting the ring back soon.

When she called, Samantha told me she lived in Gorham, Maine and was getting out of work at 3:30pm. We would meet at the Hannaford Supermarkets, on Rt 1, in Saco Maine, at 4:00pm.

We met at 4:00pm and Samantha brought her son Jacob, with her. It is Jacob’s ring and it fell off, of his finger, in the cold North Atlantic waters, 5 days earlier. Jacob was extremely happy to have his ring back. His ring, is actually his grandfather’s ring, that was gifted to Jacob and his mother told me that Jacob had to tell his grandfather that he had lost the ring, which was very hard for Jacob to do. Now Jacob gets to tell his grandfather, that he now has it back. Jacob also will NEVER EVER wear his ring to the beach again. I just love seeing people happy and smiling, like Jacob is now.


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