San Diego ring finder member found a lost wedding band ring at a house

  • from Carlsbad (California, United States)


The ring finders metal detector service helped find a lost Wedding band ring in the front yard of a home in San Diego. Call or text Curtis Cox 760 889 2751

Here’s another story of a lost ring recovered recently outside of a house hidden amongst plants and bushes in Poway S.D.  Some of these searches usually can be found in just minutes,Hours or even days of scanning around with a metal detector.

This search was none of the above^.  I spent about 30 seconds adjusting the many metal detector settings to the noisy E.M.I  before placing my detector coil over the soil to start the search when it beeped…There it was…Boom!   The husband & wife were instantly thrilled especially after spending some time looking around for this precious ring..They even borrowed a metal detector a day before but the EMI renders metal detectors useless as they beep everywhere on everything like it started to on me,Good grief I’m glad I spent countless years on these detecting machines I bring.

Electromagnetic Interference”.  EMI is the result of an electric or magnetic field acting on a device, causing it to malfunction.  It is this interference that affects the proper functioning of a device.  EMI is a broad term that covers all interference from all frequencies in the electromagnetic spectrum – DC, Quasi-DC, AC and RF,      The end.




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