Lost Diamond Ring Found in Rehoboth, Delaware.

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

I am here in Ocean City meeting my member Mr. Brian Rudolph to interview and do my doc-u series…”Found It”

I asked him if he had any searches he had not recovered the rings, he said yes, one in Rehoboth Delaware, so we met there to give it a shot.

This was a tough search because it was lost at low tide in waist deep water, if you’ve never detected in the Atlantic ocean you wouldn’t know how difficult it is, being pounded by 2 to 3 foot waves.

This man is relentless, he goes to any length to help someone. Low tide was late afternoon and as he was getting pounded by the surf, I was working the wet sand in amongst people and got very very lucky..I found the ring! Brian was just as happy as I was to see that ring and know that it was going back to its owner. We figured out the surf must’ve pushed it in land more because this was not the area she described it being lost in. I’ve had a lot of fun on my travels meeting amazing members and lucky to have returned 3 rings back to the happy owners on my travels.

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