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I received a text message early yesterday morning in regards to a half of a gold Cartier love bracelet that was lost somewhere on Karen’s property. The young lady I went to meet told me the story that she had no idea where she lost her bracelet, it wasn’t until her housekeeper found half of Karen’s bracelet in the garden. That’s when she remembered working in the garden all day in the front and the back, the chances are the bracelet will be close to where the other one was found but we also knew it was possible it could’ve got caught up in the sleeve of her jacket and walked away to another location.

Karen wasn’t there to show me the area but her housekeeper came out and showed me exactly where she found the half of the Cartier bracelet. In my mind I thought this would be a very quick search and recovery, unfortunately it was quite the opposite. After spending several hours in the front garden area I move my search to the backyard, Karen came home and we met while I was in the backyard and she show me all the areas to search. We talked a bit more about the day she was in the yard and the possibilities of where it could be and it wasn’t till halfway through the day I realized the bracelet had been missing for over a month.

I was under the assumption it was lost only a day or two ago that made me think a bit more out of the box and you’ll see why later. After exhausting the backyard I moved back to the front yard and found a green bin full of yard trimming that was from the housekeeper the day she found the bracelet. I felt confident I was going to find the bracelet in this bin, unfortunately no such luck. Getting close to 7 hours and on my hands and knees in the garden, pulling out the recently planted plants and checking underneath in case the bracelet had fallen into the hole, this took a very long time with a lot of nails being found.

Knowing I’ve done everything I could in the garden the last thing that needed to be done was the front yard and after Karen showed me she crossed the yard to the fence and walked along the fence line I knew I had to search the whole yard. My thought process was I would see it before I even went over it with my detector because their lawn was so perfect, short grass and easy to see if something had fallen in between the blades of the grass.

I started my grid in front of the area where the other one was found but on the grass and within a minute I got a great signal and looked down but did not see the bracelet, I move the grass and moved a bit of the dirt and I saw the beautiful gold colour of her amazing Cartier bracelet. I got to tell you I was so happy to be able to find it for her, and now to surprise her, I got to meet her son who is a great young man her husband early in the morning who was working out and the housekeeper everybody was so kind and so nice and everybody was so excited to see that bracelet back where it belonged!

What I learned about this search was the fact it was lost a month ago, we had a horrible spring with lots of rain which does make sense that it was stepped on and completely buried out of sight. My lesson do not assume you’re going to see it, in actual fact it was out of sight.





Vancouver Ring Finder Chris Turner- Ring Recovery Specialist…Lost your ring?… Metal Detecting Service/Call ASAP  Anytime   778-838-3463


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