Lost Ring in Agassiz, BC...Found

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

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This is a result of the JC Effect and Global News…

Another recovery thanks to Global News results in a ring being found over a year later at an Airbnb in Agassiz, BC. I got an email a few weeks back in regards to a ring that was lost at an Airbnb possibly under the patio in the backyard. When I talked to the Alison I found out that the ring had fallen off her husband’s finger while they were sitting outside enjoying the evening, they heard it hit the patio and that was the end of it, the wood slats of the patio had enough of a gap for a ring to fall through. The owner of the property had removed four planks and looked under the patio but did not see the ring.

When I arrived in Agassiz, I met Alison and her girlfriend Kelly and she took me around back to show me the patio, it was an older patio not very big and I was very hopeful we would find the ring, I also knew that it could’ve bounced off the patio into the grass so my first place to check was the grass around the patio, that would make it a much easier search if I had found it in the grass, unfortunately, no such luck.

With the help of Alison, we began to pull the wood planks away from the patio, we pulled off six at a time and I searched in the area, after I search the area we put the planks back and remove another six, we did this three times with no luck. The last chance I had was removing three planks attached to the stairs closest to the house, I knew this would be a hard one to do but I would’ve been stupid not to do it.

After close to three hours of searching, taking off planks, and putting them back, in the last place I checked along the side of the house under a board I found this young lady’s husband’s ring that had been missing for over a year. I love my job, her reaction was absolutely priceless when I showed her the ring!











I have the best job in the world and I love doing this more than anything I’ve done in my lifetime. I get to make people smile, I get to hear their stories of what the ring means to them and how happy they are when I’m lucky enough to find it.

Watch the video of the search below…