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I got a call from a young lady by the name of Tiffany, she asked if I was the guy who found lost ring’s, I said yes I am, please tell me your story. Tiffany and I talked on the phone for approximately 30 minutes in regards to her lost rings, three in total, two silver, and one custom made gold ring with a diamond and two Sapphires. She went on to tell me that she was at the beach for most of the day enjoying her friends and social distancing and having a barbeque. During that time at the beach and later in the day when she was getting ready to go home, Tiffani realized that she was missing three rings.

As you can imagine she was very upset and could not believe that she had lost them, as she did feel them come off her finger, however she was wearing gloves and took them off many times during the day at the beach. To me, this made sense that her rings could’ve easily have been pulled off with the glove.

We set up a time to meet up at the beach at 6 PM when I arrived and met Tiffany she showed me the area where she spent most of the day. I started my grid search and 10 minutes into the search I found the first ring, a small silver one. This was exciting because the rings have been lost for two days and I knew it was very possible someone else may have beaten us to them. By finding the silver ring I had a very good feeling all three rings would be found today, 24 minutes later I found her custom gold ring which was the most important ring to find for her! Fifteen minutes after that I found the third ring, what a great feeling to be able to find all three rings two days after they were lost, at a public beach where a lot of people metal detect.

You can only imagine how happy Tiffany was to have her custom made ring that she had for 24 years, back on her finger! All three rings were found in different locations but not far from each other, this tells me they came off three separate times when she pulled her gloves off. With

COVID 19  and the number of people wearing gloves, I wonder how often this is happening where people throw their gloves into the garbage and lose their ring with it.










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