Lost Diamond Engagement Ring, Crescent Beach, BC.

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

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Today was a busy day! I started out with an early morning beach hunt in Vancouver, for a lost gold wedding band. (Found it after 45 minutes) Then I received a call to look for a lost gold pendant in a back yard in Surrey, I was just about to head out to look for the pendent when a young lady called for help to find her lost diamond engagement ring at Crescent Beach in South Surrey. I told her I had a search I was on my way to do, but I would call and ask if I could come later as searches that are in public areas are high priority.

I arrive at Crescent Beach and met the young lady, she showed me what she was doing and where she believed the ring was lost. She was sitting on a park bench, brushing the hair off of her dog, when she felt her ring go flying into the bushes. She searched but had no luck as her ring was rose gold and blended very nicely with the golden leaves. The young lady told me that she had lost her ring 4 times, the ring always found its way back to her…The pressure is on!!

After looking at the search area I could tell I would be crawling into and among the prickle bushes with my handheld pinpointer as there was no way to swing a metal detector in the bushes…After an hour and a bit, I thought that I could use the young lady’s help. I asked if she could find a big stick so to hold the bushes back as I used my pinpointer, this was a good idea as I was able to get into a spot that hid her beautiful diamond ring, way in the back of the bushes! I love the smiles and reactions & relief when I find what I’m looking for!











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Watch the video of the search below…