How to find a lost engagement ring in Port Coquitlam.

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I received a call last night from a young lady who said she lost her ring in the backyard. After asking my typical questions and waiting a few hours until it got dark, so she could search with a flashlight, I received a text message asking to come the next morning to find her ring.

The flashlight idea didn’t work this time, it has in the past, diamonds are heavy and go straight into the grass covering up most of the diamonds and only leaving a part of the gold band exposed.

When I got to the house at nine in the morning Colleen was there to greet me and show me where they believed the ring was lost. I recently hurt my back and have a very hard time walking these days, herniated disc & sciatic nerve damage. I was hoping this search was going to be as easy as it sounded on the phone. That being said, I’ve been fooled many times in the past, where the search sounded like it should only take minutes, sometimes take hours to find.

Well thankfully that wasn’t the case, this search took only a minute to find, I was so happy it showed up quickly for my back and for Colleen’s heart!












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Watch the video of the search below…


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  1. Sorry about your back, you need a strong back to take the hours of detecting and ring finding that we do. Nice find.

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