Lost Ring New Brighton Park Vancouver, BC… Found!

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

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I received an email in regards to a ring that may have been lost at New Brighton Park in Vancouver. The young lady sent me a picture of the area and a picture of the ring that was lost. I asked her to call me to discuss the search and she did, I immediately went to the location where the ring had been lost the day before to search the dry sand and also check the low tide where he did take a couple of dunks in the ocean. The dry sand was hammered with fire pits and lots of metal, tin can lids, nails… After doing my grid search in the dry I moved to the low tide and started searching the rocky area of the beach.

After about 45 minutes I received a good signal close to the waterline and to my surprise I found his beautiful gold ring! The young couple were not there to show me the area, I took a nice picture of the ring and sent it to them via text message. Within seconds they had replied that’s the ring!!!!












They sent me their address and I dropped off the ring and met the young couple, they were so grateful and so happy to have that ring back! After talking for a little bit she went on to tell me that this was the second time they had used my service, a week before they had asked me to search a park where her husband believed he had lost his ring. I searched for 3 1/2 hours but no ring, I told them to put up some lost posters in the area and not to give up the search and to check their house. 45 minutes later I got a call that the ring was found in the house. This happens more than you know, the most important thing is the ring was found, the sad thing was it was lost again a week later!


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Watch the video of the search below…