Lost Gold Wedding Band China Creek Park, Vancouver...Found!

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

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I received a call this morning from a young man who told me that he lost his gold wedding band at China Creek Park in Vancouver. He went on to tell me he was about 80% sure it was lost in the park, I asked him a few questions and explain to him that this would be a closure search, meaning that if the ring was there I would find it, and because there was a 20% chance it wouldn’t be there it could show up somewhere else…Car, house, store…

He also told me that he lost the wedding band four days ago and that he came back with his dad and they both raked the area hoping the ring would show up. This is the second search in a row that I’ve heard that the people have been raking the grass looking for their ring, it’s not a bad idea, it might pop it up, but you have to go over it.

When I got to the park (Murphy’s Law again) they were already halfway through cutting the grass, I saw a young man walking towards the lawnmower 4×4 and he started talking to the Parks Board gentleman who was cutting the grass. When I got closer and met Devon (Great Guy!), he told me they were going to hold off on cutting the grass where the ring was lost, as they hadn’t made it to that area yet.

Devon showed me the area where he believed he had lost his ring, I asked him to make a square in the grass by dragging his foot as the grass is a little damp and left marks so I can see where he thought the ring was lost. I began my search and after 10 minutes I found his beautiful wedding band that was hiding inches under the grass.

I surprise Devon with the ring and got to see his great smile and how happy it made him, he was married for less than a year and told me how hard that was knowing that he lost it. It was an honor to find your wedding band, Devon!










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Watch the video of the search below…