Lost Diamond Ring Tri-City Port Moody...Found

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My morning started with an early phone call for help to find a lost diamond ring. The young lady said that she lost it the day before and had been back to look for it three times, she even went out at midnight with a flashlight to see if she could see the sparkling diamonds in the grass.  Metal Detectorists will know that grass is very similar to sand and the ring can hide very quickly, that being said, gold is heavy and will work its way down into the grass and it was a good thing because when I got there in the morning they had just finished cutting the grass.

Olivia showed me the area where she had put her blanket down and enjoy the nice day in the park with her two twin boys. She was visiting with one of her friends and they were doing the social distancing and when I got there she shows me where her friends’ towel was and showed me where she was sitting. We were very hopeful the ring may have ended up close to where she would’ve picked up the tower. Unfortunately no such luck, we extended our search towards a bench where she noticed one of your friends and went with her baby carriage to talk to them for a while. Then she carried on along the grass to a walkway where she walked all the way back to her car, about 10 minutes away.

I doubled back to the first location as I wanted to really extend that area for the what-if factory. When we went back she showed me again where she was sitting but this time it was in a completely different area, she lined up with a tree that she had remembered from the day before. It really pays to ask questions and go back for a second look as it only took me a minute to find her beautiful ring. I was pleasantly surprised when I parted the grass and saw this beautiful ring looking back up at me, I was able to surprise her on camera.










I asked Olivia how she found me on TheRingFinders directory and she told me she posted the story of her Lost Ring on a Facebook page in Port Moody. So many people reached out and one person told her about TheRingFinders directory and to call me. People of Port Moody were so supportive! We were there for only 30 minutes and at least six people reached out to her to wish her luck while we were there searching for her ring,  she had no idea who they were, they read about it on FaceBook. Some came out to help look.


If you’ve lost something and need help finding it please contact a member of TheRingFinders.com ASAP!

I love my job!

You can watch the video below…



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  1. Brian Rudolph says:

    Hey Chris, I love your write-up! Excellent description! Added to the video, I feel like I was there on the search! Beautiful ring, and excellent info regarding connecting with local groups that post needs like Olivia’s!!! I’ll be looking for such circles in my local area on social media!

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