Lost Wedding Band at Wreck Beach...Found!

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

It was a hot Sunday evening when I got a call about a lost wedding band at Wreck beach, I listened to how he lost his ring in chest deep water and that he was only married 3 weeks and how important it was to find it. I asked him what time he lost the ring and checked my tide table cart and if I left right away I could get there and still have a chance to find it before the water got too deep.

It’s important to act quickly as there are a lot of people now a days searching low tides in the mornings. So I headed out and met the young couple and we headed down the 500 steps to the beach to find his ring. They showed me the area in around waste deep water and it only took around 20 minutes to locate.

I never get tired of seeing peoples smiles when I put that ring back in their hand!










I love my job! If you need help finding your lost ring call a member of TheRingFinders.com ASAP!

Watch video of the search below…