Lost Ring at Kits Beach Found and Fed Ex Home!

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

I get a call from a young lady who was on her way to the airport and told me she lost her engagement ring at Kits beach that day. Nendless to say she was devastated!

She was sure she knew the location where she lost her engagement but couldn’t find it. She found me because she reached out to the lifeguards and the gave her my rack card about TheRingFinders.com

Well long story short I talked to the young lady got her story and told her not to worry I will find your ring! So I headed to Kits beach where I found her ring with 15 minutes of searching. I love seeing the ring in the scoop and how good it feels to be able to show her pictures of her ring!

There’s lots of people who metal detect the beach now a days so it’s important to search ASAP.




4 Replies to “Lost Ring at Kits Beach Found and Fed Ex Home!”

  1. Matt Boevers says:

    So Did u find the lady’s ring CHRIS ?

  2. Griff says:


  3. Matt Boevers says:

    Way to go CHRIS another happy face I bet

  4. Samantha says:

    I have my ring back on my finger and I am so happy to look at it ever day. SO thankful to Chris for finding my ring while I was on an airplane home. What an amazing service! It has made for quite the story I’ve been sharing with friends and family

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