Lost Wedding Band 2nd Beach, Stanley Park...Found!

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

I saw an ad about a lost ring and it gave a fantastic description of the area where the ring was lost. I sent out an email with my contact info about my website TheRingFinders.com

I won’t go out on these types of searches without talking to the person first as you need to get the exact info in regards to the area it was lost in and how it was lost.

Two days later I receive a call from a young lady who said that she saw my email and wanted to know if I could take a look for her husband’s ring. Of course I wanted to but I had to wait until low tide the next morning.

I worked until 12;30am that night and got up at 5am to hit the low tide, when I got there around 6am I could see lots of holes in the exact area that they had advertised the ring to be missing…That’s not a great thing to see when you know that someone saw the ad and came out before me.

I started my grid search and got a few coins and some bottle caps but no ring. I kept extending my grid search and just a little after an hour of searching I found the ring!










The young man told me that he was happily married for 31 years and that it meant a lot to get his ring it back!

I love my job!

If you have lost something sentimental and want it back…Don’t wait till its to late!  Contact a member of TheRing Finders.com

Watch the video of the recovery below…