How to find lost rings on sandy Vancouver Beaches

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)









How to find lost rings on sandy Vancouver Beaches? Call TheRingFinders! With close to 400 members world wide you now have a second chance to find what you thought was lost forever…

Yesterday was the first beautiful summer day we had in Vancouver, I just got off work and I was relaxing at home when the phone rang… The first words were ”are you the guy who finds rings”? I jumped into my car and headed to the beach and by the sounds of it, this search wouldn’t take long.

We met at the beach and we discuss the search, the young lady had circled the area where she believed the ring was lost. This helps a lot as it puts me in the correct location (hopefully) Chantelle went on to tell me that the ring was a gift from her late grandmother and she only had it for three years, you can imagine how heartbroken she was at the thought of never seeing it again.

After only a few minutes and one bobby pin that kept falling through my sand scoop, I saw her Grandmothers ring in my scope! I love my job because when you present the lost item to that person you get to see what it truly means to have a second chance to find what people thought was lost forever.













Here’s the video of the search below…