Lost Ring in Ladner BC...Found

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Midnight gold…I work long hours and I will go out after work when someone needs help to find their lost ring. The last little while we’ve had a blast of snow here and that makes for some calls for help.

I was at work and I got a call for help so I arranged a late meeting to go search for a lost ring and told the person it would be close to 1 am before I could make it out to him and he said lets do it.

Well a few minutes later I got another call and that person lost his ring and the kicker was he was located only 10 minutes from where I was working. Good thing I had a detector with me because it was a 40 minute drive back to my pace to grab one. When we get snow I carry one with me for this reason.

I got off work and headed out to Dave’s place and we met at 12am and he showed me the area I needed to search and it was huge! My first thought was this will take me hours. We discussed the search area and I asked Dave were he wanted to start and he said he had a feeling that it may have come off in this one location, so I said lets check it out.

10 minutes later and his ring was back where it belonged!










I love my job! If you have lost your ring or special something…Call a member of TheRingFinders


Watch the video of the search below…