Garrett AT Gold... Finds A Lost Diamond Ring In Port Moddy, BC

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

I received an early wake up call at 7:40 AM on Saturday morning from a distort young lady who was in need of help finding her diamond ring.

Nicole told me she lost it the other day and she couldn’t sleep worrieing about it. She also said that it could be in 2 places as she remembered it on when she went to school to pick up her daughter and just before she walked into her home she saw the ring was gone…???

These searches can be difficult because of the search area involved and the what if factor. Well I met Nicole at her place and searched the area she thought it could be…No Ring, I asked if she checked her truck and she said yes.

Off to the school where we searched the play ground and no luck, then a little walk in the gravel and on my very last grid line and the last signal I got a 47-48 on my AT Gold and low and behold there it was in just inches in the gravel.





That even surprised me! Funny where they show up! I so was thinking I was going to search and find it in her truck.

I love my job and I feel as good as the person who lost their ring…when I find it !!

Here’s the video of the search…