Lost... Diamond Ring at Jericho Beach Vancouver

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

His wife lost her diamond ring at the beach...

Lost diamond ring found at the beach

Summer just arrived… July 7th, it was a long wait, now we complain about how hot it is…go figure!

I was at work when I got a call from a young lady that lost her diamond engagement ring in the sand at Jericho Beach, Vancouver.

Unfortunately I can’t just leave work to help her, I told her that I might not get there until late that night. As it was I met her husband at around 10:15 pm, he knew the area that the ring was lost at and showed me… I started my search.

I’d say it took no longer 10 minutes before I received a faint signal that turned out to be a beautiful diamond ring. He only proposed to her 4 months ago so that ring was new and needed to find its owner, and it did!

It helps when people mark the area so I can come in and have a chance to find it, the hard searches are the ones when people lose their ring but aren’t sure where it came off.

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