Lost Rings at Beach Found!! Oceanside CA Rings Returned

  • from Murrieta (California, United States)

I was metal detecting at the beach and working some nice erosion. As I headed back to my truck a man in his 20’s approaches me and he looks pretty down. He says his wife lost her wedding ring earlier in the day and asked if I could help. OF COURSE I CAN HELP~! Would love to. As we head over to the location I notice the wife with her arms folded looking miserable. I said “How are you doing?” No response from the woman. She was falling apart. So he tells me the story. 5 hours earlier she had put 4 rings in a bag to make sure she didn’t lose them. 2 Silver rings from her friend, her gold wedding band, and her diamond engagement ring. When she left the beach she shook out the blanket (and bag?) and went home. She realized NO RINGS when she got home and drove back to the beach fearing the worst. Using their hands they sifted the entire area with no luck.

By now there was a small crowd of on-lookers. I started to grid the area. My first hit, SILVER RING! She couldn’t believe it. Second hit, the other SILVER RING! They were getting super excited. 3rd hit, zinc penny. 4th hit, gold wedding band! a few moments later I got a nice signal, about 3-4 inches deep I pulled out the diamond ring. She grabbed the ring, went to her knees and put her hands to her face, and cried. After a few minutes, she jumped up and gave me a huge bear hug. The diamond in her ring was the same diamond from her grandmother’s ring, irreplaceable. She gave me another hug, ecstatic the rings were found. What a great day and return!

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