Very special wedding band lost and recovered in Lodi, CA

  • from Modesto (California, United States)

I got a call from Jackie on 03-27-2023 at about 8:00 PM. She said her husband, TJ, had lost his gold wedding band yesterday in their front yard while doing yard work. They had spent hours sifting through leaves and bush trimmings with the help of family members. Jackie had even bought a metal detector, but found only the iron landscape staples and a few trash targets.

There was a dilemma. A heavy rainstorm was going to hit us the next two days. I offered to go straight to Jackie and TJ’s home in Lodi, CA, about 45 minutes away, and Jackie said, “Let’s do this!” I picked up my brother Mark, who is also a detectorist and we headed to Lodi.

After Jackie and TJ showed us the areas where they suspected the ring was lost, Mark and I started a systematic search of the front yard landscaping. Thirty three minutes into the search the ring was found. The expression on TJ’s face when I showed him his ring was priceless.

TJ said his wedding ring was made from gold that came from rings from both of his now-deceased grandfathers. It was an awesome feeling knowing that we were able to let the story of that very special ring to continue on.

This was my very first call out through TheRingFinder directory, and it will forever be a very memorable one. Jackie and TJ are such a nice young couple and it was a true honor to help them have a happy ending to the story of The Lost Ring.

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