Maryland Metal Detecting Service Finds Lost Gold Wedding Band Near Basketball Hoop

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Craig’s Handsome 14 Karat Gold Diamond Wedding Band Proudly Displayed!

Craig Smiles So Very Brightly as He Holds in Hand His Beloved Gold Diamond Wedding Band Once Again!


I received a call from a lady named Betsy who was eager to recover a lost wedding band that belonged to her husband Craig. The day prior, he was playing basketball outside next to their house when he believed he saw the ring fly off his finger when the basketball was released from his hand.

Craig owns one of those portable height adjustable basketball hoop systems that has attachable wheels and a sand-filled base at the bottom. He was certain that he would find the ring shortly after searching around his sport’s set-up. Unfortunately, he did not triumph over that particular challenge of looking about to find his lost handsome 14 karat yellow gold wedding band with several diamonds set within the ring. As the hours of searching increased, Craig became more concerned that the ring may have bounced off the hoop system and possibly roll down the street (their house is located at the top of a semi-steep hill).

The frustrated man and his wife Betsy considered renting a metal detector to help them find the missing ring. They went online and stumbled across an international metal detecting service directory called THE RING FINDERS. The couple learned that there are professional metal detectorists in various states that are associated with this directory and who specialize in finding lost rings. Instead of renting a cheap detector which they had no experience operating, Betsy looked up their local ring finder on the elite directory. She found my name, Brian Rudolph, listed as one who provides metal detecting services for the Takoma Park, Maryland area.

Betsy immediately contacted me to inquire about my services after reading countless success stories of how I had found many client’s lost rings and other keepsakes over the past couple of years. I was beyond thrilled to help the couple with the recovery of such an important part of their lives – Craig’s gold and diamond wedding band!

Later that afternoon I arrived at the couple’s lovely home. Craig and Betsy were one of the nicest couples I had ever had the pleasure of meeting! They were so sweet to me! I was shown the basketball hoop system which was located at the edge of their property overlooking the street. Their driveway was adjacent to where Craig conveniently worked out while playing hoops. I was jealous at how fit this man appeared to be! I believe he told me that he had lost a considerable amount of weight and the ring became loose on his finger. This is why the sentimental keepsake ended up flying off his finger in the process of launching the basketball towards the net.

After being shown the property’s beautiful flower beds and all of the exquisite plant life surrounding the basketball hoop system, I returned to my vehicle to acquire all of the gear that I needed to help recover Craig’s missing ring.

I first started the search by using my 15 inch coil (which is the disc at the end of the metal detector’s shaft) . I was able to cover a lot of territory on the lawn with this particular set up. By the time I was done with this initial coverage of the lawn, I concluded that the ring was not lost within the grassy areas. I switched detectors and used my other Minelab Equinox 800 with a smaller 6 inch coil at the end and started detecting in the flower beds behind and to the sides of the basketball hoop system. With such a unique coil, I was able to carefully and gently move between the garden flowers as to not harm them in any way. As I was performing this step in the search, the next door neighbor came over to help look within the flower beds, as well. I made sure that every potential signal that my detector picked up was carefully analyzed and scanned over, just to make certain that I hadn’t missed the jewel. Still, nothing if importance was discovered.

The next leg of my search was to metal detect the street, starting at the top of the hill and moving my way down towards the bottom. I wanted to secure the public area just in case the ring bounced off the hoop’s center vertical bar and headed for the concrete’s decline. Sadly, every part of the pavement was clear of any rings. Still, nothing turned up.

After approximately an hour and forty-five minutes of searching the lawn, flower beds, bushes, driveway, street, and the concrete blocks that weighed down the basketball hoop base, I took a break and mentally reviewed all of the places that I methodically investigated. Unless someone walking by had spotted the wedding band and picked it up, I was pretty convinced that I had somehow missed the location where the ring was lying.

I was not about to give up this search. I am relentless and ruthless with my recovery efforts and I was absolutely determined to find Craig’s very sentimental keepsake. I made a decision to return to my small coil and carefully detect around little spaces, cracks and crevices where my larger detector coil may not have been able to reach the precious metal target.

After another 30 minutes of very slow and meticulous detecting around the places where the ring could have settled down into hard-to-reach spaces, I began moving the 6 inch coil around the parameter of the base of the basketball hoop support. I was thinking that there was a possibility that the other detector just couldn’t reach alongside of the base and I wanted to make sure then I wasn’t missing any spaces up against the structure. Well, it was a wise thing that I chose to use the small 6 inch coil to reach those hard to reach spots, because I ended up receiving a strong but broken up target signal on my detector screen which was registering the type of VDI (visual display identification) numbers that I was hoping to hit! I swung the coil back and forth just so very slightly to make sure that I was getting an accurate reading of this particular metal. I then knelt down beside the basketball hoop system base and used my handheld pinpointer (which is a small detector) in order to focus in on exactly where the target was hiding. Just then at that moment, as the pinpointer began to sound off (indicating that the piece of metal was zeroed in on), I looked straight down at that particular area between the blades of grass and the plastic base, and that’s when I saw the most beautiful sight! I found it! I finally discovered the missing wedding band! I had metal detected one of the most splendid piece of gold treasures with exquisite diamonds set across one side of the ring! It truly was one handsome looking men’s wedding band!

I was praising the Lord quietly but very excitedly inside my heart and mind as I planned to surprise Craig and Betsy with this most fantastic news! Once the reveal was made, the couple was beyond blown away by what I had uncovered from the ground! It had been so long since first arriving at the house and I wondered if they thought the search would end up empty handed at that point. Even I was getting concerned that perhaps the jewel had ended up rolling into the street where someone found it or a tire picked it up and carried far down the pavement. Yet, reality proved everyone’s concerns to be unworthy of attention because all along the “grand band” was simply wedged down in that space along side the basketball hoop ground base!

Craig and Betsy were not only relieved to see the sight of that most brilliant gold, but they were also extremely grateful for my search efforts in recovering Craig’s very special wedding band! I will never forget the warm send off that the happy couple and their excited neighbors next door expressed as I packed up my gear, waived goodbye and started my drive down the street! I was certainly wearing a victory smile from ear to ear all the way home that afternoon!


Craig and Betsy’s Testimonial:


We are so grateful that Brian Rudolph who was able to come to our home with his metal detecting equipment to search for a lost ring. He meticulously searched through our lawn and gardens using various devices.He was careful in the gardens not to hurt the flowers. After less than 2 hours, Brian found the wedding ring which had fallen off my husband’s finger while playing basketball in the driveway. The whole experience was delightful. We were so glad to learn about the The Ring Finders – it was a much better option than renting a metal detector ourselves!


Craig and Betsy Slack
Takoma Park, Maryland


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