Big Diamond Ring Lost, Found and Returned at the Fairmont Orchid, Big Island, Hawaii

from Big Island (Hawaii, United States)
I could tell by Jessica’s voice that she was upset when she called – just the simple act of putting on sunscreen and her $10,000 wedding band had gone flying. She and her friends had searched for hours…
Trying to pick it up was useless – the sand on most beaches is a sure ring trap.
By the time I got to the Fairmont Orchid hotel, she and her friends were hopeful I could find it, helped in part by the beach bar!
I searched and produced coins, hair clips and various bits of junk but no diamond-rimmed, white gold ring. I finally moved her husband and friend sitting on the side of the search area on a double-cabana bed. Move the chairs too guys…!
As I searched in the new space – suddenly bang! I heard a gold – but not gold – sound in my headphones. Digging out what was definitely her big diamond ring, I saw the reason for the strange signal. Somehow an old penny had found itself inside the band, giving me a signal of junk-and-gold at the same time! Happy news for all – Jessica now had tears of joy…

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