Lost Ring Found in Shallow Water of Mauna Kea Hotel, Big Island, Hawaii

A happy Kyle reunited with his wedding ring – found and returned at Mauna Kea Resort and Spa, Big Island, Hawaii, by Big Island Metal Detecting

“Memories are Not Always Deep”  
BIMD was so happy to have helped Kyle and Nicole find Kyle’s lost wedding ring.
I went out to the Mauna Kea Hotel look for Kyle’s lost titanium wedding ring in the shallow, small bay in front of the hotel.
Kyle had taken off his ring and applied sunscreen, then instead of putting back on his finger, tied the ring onto a piece of cord in his swimming trunk’s cargo pocket.
As he waded into waist-deep water, he suddenly realized he’d left his iPhone in his pocket and rushed back towards the shore pulling his phone out to get it out of the saltwater.
It must have been around there that the ring was also lost having come undone from the string, he surmised.
When I arrived Kyle, Nicole and their friends were entrenched on a group of beach chairs near the water. Kyle went into the water to show me the general area in the bay where he’d pulled out his iPhone.
I searched the waist deep water for about an hour or more. Dusk was approaching and the winds had picked up. One of Kyle’s friends came out and pointed to a different area, still waist deep, where he thought Kyle had been.
Kyle had been searching the bay with his mask and snorkel as I’d hunted with the detector. As he left to dry off, I followed him out of the water and again asked about the direction he’d taken as he’d exited the water with his wet iPhone in hand.
Standing in about 2 inches of water, he pointed from where I’d been up to the chairs where his friends and Nicole were. As he headed up the beach I turned back towards the water and – bang – there was a signal blasting through the headphones that had hardly sounded a blip in the past hour-and-a-half. “Wait!” I called after him – and dug, dug and dug until I had the target in my scoop.
Eight inches down thru the sand, just in two inches of water, came out Kyle’s ring!
The ring must have come loose – as thought – when he’d reached in his pocket to save his mobile phone – and hadn’t gone spilling out in the water after all – but had come out as he’d run up and out of the water.
Happy to have recovered Kyle and Nicole’s lost treasure in ankle deep water – even though their memories were ‘deeper’.

A happy couple reunited with their lost wedding band in the water off of Mauna Kea Hotel, Big Island, Hawaii. Call us at Big Island Metal Detecting – 808 430 5660 -if you lost your ring!