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My wife and I were on our honeymoon on the Big Island in early 2017. We were having an amazing time until we stopped at a beach in Hilo. After a few minutes of swimming near turtles I realized I had lost my wedding ring. I was in a state of shock. The gold ring was a family heirloom. My mother had given my father the ring when they married over 40 years ago. I couldn’t believe it was now lost in the ocean just three months after my wedding. For over an hour I attempted to find it but I eventually gave up. I had lost hope. But that’s when I found out my wife had a plan. When I got out of the water she was already on the phone with Brent at Big Island Metal Detecting. I was sure the ring was lost for good, but Brent convinced us he could help find it. Since it was so late in the day we agreed to meet at the beach early the next morning. Brent drove across the island from Kona to meet us at 6:30 a.m. By 7 a.m. the ring was back on my finger! Brent was able to locate the ring even though it was buried in sand in water over six feet deep. Brent turned the lowest moment of our honeymoon into a story we will never forget. We then all celebrated with an early breakfast in town. We had found the ring and made a new friend. Thank you so much Brent. – Mike from Brooklyn

Ring found and returned at Carlsmith State Park near Hilo, Hawaii by Big Island Metal Detecting

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  1. Larry Griffith says:

    Great work Brent. Long drive but it paid off!

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