Lost Man's Wedding Ring in the Water is Found on Big Island, Hawaii!

“Racing for Rings!”

Sylvie and I are just thru all the “fun” of moving houses to a new home down the street – but on moving-day – we got a call from Jared visiting with his family from Seattle.

Sylvie kept packing and since I’d already moved all but our giant mattress I raced to the beach, counting every second before I was supposed to be back, and out of our old house.

Jared had actually seen his platinum ring come off his finger in the chest-deep water and panic-dived to try and grab it. It was instantly covered and lost by the sand.

We looked at the area Jared thought he’d been in. The details of exactly where became hazy as he’d swam desperately to find it.

I checked the location for 45 minutes in the water, then decided to expand my search. Sure enough, about 10 minutes into my new search pattern I heard a familiar sound in my Minelab Excalibur headphones.

2016-08-25 15.07.57

I scooped in the sand with my long-handled basket and then dove down to see the contents as the sand strained away.
Inside, Jared’s big platinum wedding band looked back at me – gotcha!

Jared was overjoyed and I had to say a hasty thank you for his trust and gracious reward.

Racing back to Kona, I got back in time just to move the last big piece of furniture and checked out with minutes to spare!

Mahalo Jared for trusting us to find your treasure! Mahalo Sylvie for packing and making it possible for me to go!

2016-08-25 15.13.32