Husband loses wife's sentimental ring! Found at Mauna Lani, Hawaii

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Ricky holding his wife’s lost – and now found – sentimental gold ring with large aquamarine stone. Mauna Lani, Big Island, Hawaii

“It won’t be there!”

Ricky called us a little sheepishly. His wife had specific instructions to put her ring in the hotel safe so it wouldn’t be lost…! The ring had been his wife’s mother’s ring and greatly sentimental. On the way to the room, he’d done just that – lost it – on the way from the pool to the vacation condo’s front door….

(This was the second call this week we’d had from spouses losing their partner’s rings!)

I met him, his wife and young granddaughters at the pool where his wife had handed Ricky her large gold and aquamarine ring. We retraced his steps from around the pool, across the private road and into the grassy walkway leading to the house. He’d realized halfway there that the ring was missing.

There were only a few movements where Ricky had used both hands on his trip to the condo. As we retraced his steps I took careful note.  He’d stopped at his car and only a few steps into the grass, realized the ring was missing.

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A small assortment of lost items from the grass – including the lost gold ring with aquamarine – at Mauna Lani, Big Island, Hawaii

After about 30 minutes of carefully looking along his route, I was ready to try somewhere else. On a hunch, I walked up near the front door and looked back at the yard towards his car. “I didn’t go anywhere near there,” Ricky said as he walked back towards the car. “I didn’t get that far as I realized I’d lost it over here.” I looked down and scanned the grass to the side of a palm tree. Peeking out from the green grass was a small glint of gold. Sure enough, the ring was there, much to the joy and amazement of Ricky.

2016-06-20 14.15.58

The large gold, diamond and aquamarine ring which was lost – and recovered – Mauna Lani, Big Island, Hawaii 

His wife gave me a big hug and was so pleased to be reunited with her sentimental ring.

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