About Me (January 20, 2019)

  • from Lynnfield (Massachusetts, United States)

If you’ve lost your ring or some other metal object, give me a call or text.  I charge nothing to come out, this is just a part of how I enjoy the hobby of metal detecting.  If the area is large or I’m unable to make it to your area, I’ll bring or call other experienced detectorists as I’m in a club with 70+ members all over Massachusetts and New Hampshire who would love to help when possible.


I haven’t been good about keeping my blog posts up to date. Since joining RingFinders I’ve recovered 19 of 24 rings (as of Jan 20, 2019) I’ve gone out to search for. Beaches in the summers, leaf piles in the fall, snow piles in the winter, angry spouses throwing rings, and everything in between.


My most recent find was a man who lost his ring while disposing of his Christmas tree in a brush pile. I spent 45-60 minutes detecting a small flattened area where the tree was dumped without finding the ring.  It was disappointing as the area was a bit small to have not found the ring, and the ground was frozen solid so it couldn’t have been underground. The owner called off the search as we had covered the area three times over, so I headed down the path he took through his back yard to dump the tree. I was swinging my detector along the way in case he had dropped it sooner than he thought. Just as I was about to switch off, I heard a high tone in my headphones and looked down and there was the ring sitting on the surface along the path. The owner couldn’t have been happier to return it back to his finger.


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  1. Hi Ben,

    I live in reading ma and my husband lost his ring in the front yard of my neighbors house which is located right on the street. It was lost February 6th. Do you think you’d be able to locate it or is this something the snow could had buried the ring in further?

    Thank you!

  2. Joy Keefe says:

    Hi Ben,

    I lost my Mom’s wedding engagement ring almost 16 years ago. I was fidgeting while on the phone out on my deck and the next thing I know it disappeared. I should never have taken it off. It was my Mom’s diamond over a carat and i wanted to make it look different from an engagement ring so I added 2 yellow (fancy) diamonds to flank it. It was so precious. It can’t be far but there is a deck involved. I don’t see how it could be under the deck because the slats on the boards aren’t wide enough for it to fit through. So I think it’s just in the ground. Is this something you might be able to help with?

    Joy Keefe

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