Lost Heirloom wedding ring on Melbourne beach

  • from Melbourne Beach (Florida, United States)

I got a call from Matt after he had found me on The Ringfinders.  He had lost a very special ring. The timing was perfect for me to search the next morning at low tide. The couple did not hold much hope that I would find his ring. To their surprise I heard the beep I wanted! A family heirloom back on the ring finger.


3 Replies to “Lost Heirloom wedding ring on Melbourne beach”

  1. Emily says:

    So happy to have met Al and see my husband’s ring back on his finger. Thank you again!!!

  2. Mary Lou Mills says:

    I’m Matt’s mom from Ohio. Matt’s Great – Grandpa’s ring is a treasured family heirloom! Thank you for answers to prayer!

  3. Mary Lou Mills says:

    Amen Emily! 🙏 It is a miracle that Al found Matt’s Great Grandfather’s ring!

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