Allen Zenker

wedding and engagment ring recovered on Fort Myers beach

  • from Cape Coral (Florida, United States)

A families all girl vacation became a nightmare when treasured rings were lost. While enjoying the sun and surf in about 3 ft of water Laurie’s rings slipped off. They searched but could not find. The front desk at her Ft Myers Beach resort researched and located Al on the ringfinders website. Laurie spent a sleepless night and met Al on the beach the next morning. They had a general idea where the rings were lost. The hunt was successful and the vacation could resume.



lost engagment ring on sanibel island found and returned

  • from Cape Coral (Florida, United States)

Eric and Brook found my number through ring finders .  Brook had just lost her engagment ring while vacationing on sanibel island Florida.  Luckily they had a general idea of where it was lost. I was able  recover fairly quickly.

There were many smiles that day.

found gold wedding ring Fort Myers Beach

  • from Cape Coral (Florida, United States)

Eric was playing catch in the waves with his  nephew.  Because of  sun screen his ring flew off. He marked the area. He searched I lost my ring on the internet! Of course he found  Ring Finders and me.  I went to location and recovered ring. Happy Ending. 

Lost and Found Gold wedding ring on Sanibel island

  • from Cape Coral (Florida, United States)

I was hunting at the beach in a few feet of water with a friend. When we came across a man snorkeling for his lost wedding band. I searched for only a few minutes and recovered his ring.  He had never heard of ringfinders before but knows all about us now.

Found wedding band in Cape Coral Fl

  • from Cape Coral (Florida, United States)

I got a call from a couple that had just lost a wedding band. She had been picking up yard clippings and found red ants. Shaking her hands franticly rings came flying off. They located the engagement ring but not the wedding band.. I was near by location and had metal dector, wife and puppy with me. After hunting for a half hour or so… my wife and puppy came up the driveway with the ring. It must of hit the the driveway , bounced and rolled ending up in the middle of the street. A find is a find!!

Wedding band lost for 6 years found in cape coral fl….found

  • from Cape Coral (Florida, United States)

Sheree heard about ringfinders and was able to contact me. Her husband had lost his wedding band several years ago in the yard. I was able to locate in a short time and few inches below the grass.
She was thrilled and plans to give to her hubby for Valentines day

Lost gold signature ring in Cape Coral…Find

  • from Cape Coral (Florida, United States)

I got the call one afternoon from Mike. His ring had been lost while weeding the garden 6 months earlier. A neighbor turned him onto ringfinders. I searched the area where he thought he lost ring for several hours and found it in the mulch bed. Happy ending!

Lost and Found

  • from Cape Coral (Florida, United States)
  1. Got a call to search for a wedding ring. Cindy knew she lost it while playing with her dog in the lot next door. Problem I had was the lot was full of buried metal. My machine was beebing like crazy. So I had Cindy reanact with a stick where she thought ring should be and success!!