Lost wedding band, Found wedding band under floating waterpark!

  • from Key West (Florida, United States)

Gotta call from Rachel who is a local here in Key West.

She and her friends were having a blast jumping in and out of the water when she climbed back up onto the float she noticed right away that her solder 2 ring platinum band fell off.

After speaking to Rachel and getting the details. The ring was lost in 10’ of water. Not easy to move around under a Waterpark with my battery powered Blu3 nomad hookah system. So I decided to rent some tanks/gear to be able to freely swim and hunt under the float.
Because this float is owned by Furry water adventures . We had permission to go when they closed in the afternoon.  So I took my boat to the floating park. Got my gear on and went in the water.
As I’m underwater making my way over to the area she thought it was lost at. I Swung my detector back and forth picking up a target or two. As I get under the area I notice to my left the ring sitting on the sand . I knew right away it was her ring because it was lost the day before and it was soldered together sitting right on top of sand.  Right where she said she thought it had came off at.
It’s always an amazing feeling to see how grateful and appreciative the people get when they see their lost keepsakes that they thought was lost forever back in their hands.

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