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  • from Akron (Ohio, United States)

My name is Al Yarmesch and I have been metal detecting for over 5 years. I have searched in many different places- lakes, ocean front beaches, and parks to help people find their lost valuables.  I have several different metal detecting units- land or water units to help you find lost treasures.  Please contact me so I can quickly help you recover your lost items…rings, coins, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, hearing aids, car keys, etc. 

I am a licensed and insured business owner. 

(330) 618-8690

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  1. Joe says:

    I know Al’s work. I recommended Al and one of his friends to help my boss find a Blackberry phone (company phone) lost ‘somewhere along the driveway’ in two feet of snow and snow piles. It took about thirty minutes for the phone to be found, almost gave up, but didn’t. My boss really appreciated me suggesting Al and his friend. Ask Al about being at the ocean and learning someone lost a ring…the guy knew the spot, four or five feet deep, and Al found it within minutes. If you want a reference for Al email me at campbelljoefire@gmail.com.

    1. Tom Houlihan says:

      Many thanks to Al for finding my wedding ring. I lost it in about 5 feet of water this summer. Al gamely came out and bobbed around, up to his neck in water, for two hours trying to find it. Five months later, the lake level was dropped for winter, and Al came back out and found it within minutes. I’m very very happy to have it back!

  2. Roger says:

    Al did a great job of finding my wedding ring. I lost my ring in our church’s retention pond while training for a tough mudder run with some of my buddies. It was under some mud and pebbles, and Al found it within 15 minutes. My wife and I are very grateful to Al for finding my ring so quickly. Thanks Al!

  3. Shane says:

    I lost my ring in my yard playing volleyball and searched for over a week with no luck. Thankfully I found Alan on theringfinders.com and they drove almost an hour to come find it for me. Found it in about 15 minutes. Thank you guys so much!

  4. Matt says:

    I lost my ring raking leaves with the kids. Al found it in about 15 minutes in one of the bags of leaves. Glad I realized I lost it and saved the bags. I would have never found it. Thanks again Al!

  5. Logan says:

    My wife lost her engagement ring and we called Al to see if he would have luck finding it. He searched for over an hour but was unsuccessful. My wife and I still go out and look for the ring but have had no luck finding it. I would like to thank Al for his efforts in our search.

  6. Nikki S. says:

    I lost my wedding ring in a grassy field working out with a group. After 1.5 days of searching the area with multiple friends, I contacted Alan to make arrangements to come to Cleveland to find my ring. Alan arrived on-time as agreed, with his partner in-tow. They were so pleasant and positive. After less than an hour of searching, I actually found the ring myself in an area which had been searched numerous times by multiple people- including Alan. While Allan did not find my ring, I feel like I found more than my ring. I also found a friendBy

  7. Heather Fletcher says:

    I lost my mothers ring while unloading mulch in my huge yard. Al & his friend (I suck at names but he was a delightful fellow!) came (driving much further than they usually do) to look. They looked and looked! It took about an hour, and they found it! So excited to have it back! I have promised to remove my rings before doing yardaork from now on….but if I slip up I know I have some friends that will save my day! I cannot thank you enough, you’re the best!

    1. Heather Fletcher says:

      Just got a note from Al….said delightful fellow was Dick! I almost don’t regret losing the ring….because I got to meet two very nice people!

  8. Janet says:

    July 1, 2015

    What a nice man! Al found my daughter’s ring in the pond where it had slipped off her finger.
    After searching for it themselves, they called on Al and in less than five minutes, he had found it!
    We cannot thank him enough, a job well done!

  9. Lorraine says:

    Al and Dick were a wholesome sitcom pair and miracle workers to say the least. My husband in his infamous wisdom lost his wedding band clearing some brush in the leaf filled woods. We knew the round about area for them to work and that was all they needed. Within 15 minutes and a bit of know how, they found the ring and saved my husband from eternal ridicule and resentment. ( 1/2 joking). Honestly, these two are so fun and brought a bit of happiness to our lives. I bought my husbands ring years ago when I was working two jobs and could barely afford groceries as he was in residency and working 100 hours a week. I spent all I had on it as I truly wanted it to come from me. His ring not only was a symbol of our marriage but also a daily reminder of humility and sacrifice which is essential in marriage. Thank you Al and Dick for being one of the last few ‘ good guys ‘. Your honesty, kindness and humor is beyond appreciated. I hope to join you on a fun treasure hunt sometime soon.
    Lorraine =)

  10. Kurt says:

    I lost my wedding band playing in my yard with my daughter. I called Al, and it took him all of twenty minutes to find my personalized band. Great work Al!

  11. Joyce says:

    I lost my ring while picking up sticks in the yard before mowing. The ring is very sentimental as my husband gave it to me years ago. My husband of 34 years passed away last month and I was heart broken when I noticed my ring missing. I forgot to take off my rings before doing yard work and mowing which I always do. I searched every inch of the yard multiple times with no luck. I googled “find ring” on the Internet and Mr. Yarmesch’s name showed under Ring Finders. He and his long time friend came to the rescue and found my ring in the yard. Needless to say, I am so thrilled!! What nice people they are too! I would recommend them to anyone losing something sentimental or of value. I am so pleased with their service:) Thank you so very much to both of you for great teamwork!! 🙂

  12. Chad Morris says:

    Al and his a friend Dick came out and went to work immediately. They both had great knowledge and kept positive the whole time I was looking for my wedding band in a grass field. I would highly recommend them to others.
    Thanks again!

  13. Robin says:

    I lost my anniversary wedding ring somewhere between my backyard and my house. Al and Dick arrived timely and with very sophisticated equipment. They saturated all possible spaces and combed every nook and cranny in the yard. They are in my phone contacts now and I will contact them if I ever lose anything else. Professional and kind duo they are. Thank you!

  14. Edgar & Alexis says:

    I lost my engagement ring in a huge field of grass! Me my fiancé and two other men looked for it for 3 days, even at night. Bought a metal detector and everything. Nothing! He came all the way from Akron to Huron, Ohio. Spent 50 mins in the sun and found it!! So thankful we found him. Well worth the money spent(:

  15. Gussie Singer says:

    This is a true story, believe it! On July 4th, I went to a State Park with my family and friends. I placed my engagement ring and wedding band in my wallet for “safe keeping” before swimming in the lake. When we were leaving to go home, I went to take it out and put it back on and I only found the band. Where was my engagement ring?? I panicked. I knew it must have dropped in the sand. I spent an hour searching the beach on my hands and knees. Then I drove to a sporting goods store and purchased a metal detector. I searched another 2 hours that day with no results.
    It rained that night on that beach, but I returned to the beach the next day hoping I could find it. I searched for another 2 hours with a friend. We searched with the metal detector, a strainer, a scooper and a rake. It rained again. I cried and almost gave up. Then I called Alan. He returned my call right away and he found a way to meet me within the next 3 hours. He met me at the State Park that same day, along with his friend Dick. They were kind and humorous and they were all business. They got right to work and in 20 minutes and found my ring. AMAZING! I still can’t believe it. I must have hugged them both 3 or 4 times. I am still smiling ear to ear, thanking God, and feeling so grateful. If you lost your ring don’t give up hope! Contact them, don’t try to do it yourself. They really, really know what they are doing!!! Definitely give them a call!

  16. D. Stiles says:

    Al was great. Spent over 3-hours with me trying to find a ring lost in a slow-part of a wide river. No luck today but potentially if the water goes back down we’ll give another go at. If you’re considering renting a metal detector or calling Al, for a body of water-job, your better calling Al, as he has the tools and know-how to make a search much more efficient.

  17. Mark L says:

    Alan was great. He and a friend stopped by and made some fun discoveries. Alan was careful to make sure the areas he dug were left looking great. He knows how to get under a lawn without hurting it. Would call on him again.

  18. Devin Krummrich says:

    My wife had lost her wedding ring, a family heirloom, in our back yard a few days ago playing with our son. After walking up and down our 9 acre back yard, from crawling, using a flashlight at night hoping I’d see a sparkle, and even buying a cheap metal detector, which I Knew nothing about and did nothing for me, we called Alan and he brought his friend, dick. These cats are cool as a breeze, you never know who you’ll find off the internet, but these guys are awesome. After a brief description of what happened, and where we thought the rig may be, they got to work. Maybe 45/50 mins later, Alan is digging through a thick patch of crab grass, and pulls out my wife’s ring! We were ecstatic, and still are. I can’t speak of these guys highly enough, I wish every service had guys like this at the wheel, at the end of the day you’ll likely have what you lost, and wanting to hang and drink a beer with these guys.

  19. Denica Talty says:

    I lost my Wedding ring yesterday at a family party. I wasn’t sure where except either in the family beach, the yard or the pond. I was devastated all day and night. My husband decided to google metal detection services and he found Alan. So I called this morning and Alan agreed to drive over an hr to my house. He looked all through the sand, the grass and found nothing so he went into the pond. And guess what he found it!!! I was screaming and jumping around so happy and excited I had to give him a hug!! I highly recommend this man if you have lost anything that he has the ability to find. Well worth the money…

  20. Steve Wood says:

    Unfortunately, I gave Alan an impossible task trying to find the engagement ring lost thirty years ago. The site was closely surrounded by metal fencing that thoroughly confused the equipment. Despite this, I found Alan to be most professional and responsive to my needs. Should I require similar services again, Alan will certainly be the man I call. Thanks so much for trying, Alan!

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