Sand volleyball ring recovered Omaha Nebraska

  • from Omaha (Nebraska, United States)

Sand volleyball courts are usually nice to places to locate lost rings.  Nice soft sand that is easy to dig but also easy to see where you’ve walked and already detected.   I knew this one was going to be different when I put on my headphones and turned on my detector.  I was getting constant chatter through my headphones making the detector totally useless.

After about 15 minutes of changing settings to no avail, I decided I was going to come back with an arsenal of detectors to see if any of them would have better luck.

Walking off the court, I caught a glimpse of a shimmering gold ring next to the sidewalk!  I walked back into the bar and spoke with the bartenders, one of which was working the night it was lost.  I called and talked to the ring owner about arranging a time to return the ring.  Due to schedule and locations, it would simply be more convenient for him, if I left the ring with the bartenders.   All I asked is that they, text me a picture when he picked it up.

Search time: 20 minutes


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