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In August 2020, I was contacted by a gentleman named Dan, whose wife had lost her engagement ring.  He explained that he and his family were enjoying a nice summer day in their backyard, playing volleyball while being hit with a sprinkler.  As his wife attempted to set the ball to their daughter, the combination of her hitting the ball and her wet fingers caused her engagement ring to go flying off into the distance and disappear from sight.  They immediately stopped the game and began searching the area to no avail.  For several hours they were on their hands and knees trying to find the lost ring.  The next day Dan had a friend come over and search with his metal detector, and after several hours he too was unsuccessful.  He decided he needed a new approach and after a quick online search he found me on the The Ring Finders website.  He called me and we discussed the situation.

The next day I made the thirty minute drive to his house and after hearing the story in more detail I began searching the area, starting with where she was standing, eventually covering the entire backyard and under his shed.  The search was made difficult by several overhead and underground power and cable lines, as well as a metal chain link fence running the entire length of his backyard, all of which could mask the ring’s signal.  After about two hours of my searching and not yet finding it he decided to call it off.  His thought was that since his entire yard had been searched with metal detectors,  and with a good possibility of one of his kids having already found it and keeping it, something she had done before, he believed the ring was no longer out there and we were probably wasting our time. It was dark, it was late, and so I reluctantly agreed.

After a few days of the lost ring randomly entering my thoughts, I decided to contact Dan and see if he would mind me coming out for another look.  He happily agreed and I made the trip back over there.  I decided to focus hard on certain signals, but move quickly.  I grid searched his yard again, in a different direction, and slowly searched the chain link fence with my pinpointer.  Still no ring.  I too was convinced at that point the ring was not in their backyard.  So I expanded my search to the neighbor’s yard, which started at least 20 feet from where she was standing.  We both agreed that it was unlikely that the ring could travel that far considering where she was standing and how she hit the ball, but it was not impossible, and we both really wanted to find her ring.  So I started my grid search of the neighbor’s yard and after about 20 minutes, I got the signal I was hoping for.  I bent down to check what my detector had found and there sat the ring, deep in the freshly mowed grass about 30 feet from where she was standing when she lost it.

Dan had gone inside a long time before that, but at the very moment I picked up the ring, he opened up his back door on his way to offer me a beverage.  Once he made his way to me, he handed me a bottle of water and to his shock and surprise I handed him his wife’s engagement ring.  We then went in to surprise his wife, who was equally shocked and happy.  I brought them out to show them exactly where I found the ring and after talking with them for a few minutes I made my way back home, happily leaving behind the gold that I had just found.

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