Wedding ring lost while gardening, found in Port Orchard!

  • from Seattle (Washington, United States)

I was contacted by Andrew in regards to his wife Amanda’s wedding ring she lost while gardening at their rental property. They needed to find it promptly since the new tenants were due to move in soon, so as soon as I had some time to get out there… the hunt was on!

After a little confusion over what the ring was actually made of, and around an hour of searching… It was found! A lot of people lose their rings while gardening, often when it falls off in the gloves when taking them off and then it slips out of the gloves when they take a break or go in the house or garage. Also, remember if you lose a ring in this fashion, DON’T put out the yard waste for collection! It could be in the bin or the bag, you never now!

I was especially happy to find this ring since Andrew and Amanda are personal friends of mine, (CONGRATS ON THE WEDDING!) and hopefully now they will always associate me with this chapter in their lives and refer me to anyone in a similar bind!


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