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Tossed And Found – Engagement Ring, Cincinnati, Ohio

from Cincinnati (Ohio, United States)
Contact: 513-312-0341

Kasey was refreshingly honest when she explained how her ring was lost and with the circumstances and area defined, we both had high hopes we would be successful in recovering her engagement ring.

Kasey explained it this way:

“I had gotten into an argument with my fiance. I’m pregnant and my hormones are crazy! Well, I took off my ring and chucked it into the woods. We searched for my ring for days! It was a week before I decided to google “I threw my ring into the woods, how do I find it.” LOL. We rented a metal detector, no luck. So I found Doug!!! I’m so happy his Ringfinders page was the first site I clicked on. He came over the night I called right after work and he found my ring in less than two hours!!!!!

We had been searching in the wrong spot but without Doug I don’t think I would have my ring back to this day. Doug was the most genuine man, he was so sweet and so kind. He told me “it happens all  the time, more than you might think” so I wouldn’t feel as crazy! He is a hidden gem for sure and I think everyone deserves to know how awesome he is and how great he is at doing what he does!!!”

After thoroughly searching the wooded area we had thought the ring would be found in, I was discouraged but decided to expand my search grid. It just happened that my first guess was a good one and hearing the sound I’d been hoping for, I was able to call Kasey and let her know her ring had been found. I am always happy to help and when a recovery effort is successful, I’m almost as excited as the ring’s owner.

Wedding ring lost years ago in Cincinnati, Ohio – FOUND!

from Cincinnati (Ohio, United States)
Contact: 513-312-0341

I received a call from a gentleman who said he was preparing to move from his home but prior to doing so he hoped I could help him to search one more time for his wedding ring.

His story: “Around five years ago, I was playing basketball in the driveway with my two sons. I was afraid I might lose my wedding ring and so placed it in a small pocket in my jacket that had a snap. We continued to play for about an hour when I reached into my pocket for the ring and it was gone. The three of us searched the entire yard, the driveway and the side yard, but found nothing. I even borrowed a friend’s metal detector and still had no luck. Since we are now in the process of selling our house, I wanted to try one last time to find the ring, so I searched the internet and found the Ring Finders. I called Doug and somehow he was available to come out that same day. He was able to find my ring just below the surface in my front yard.”

I happened to have my gear with me that day and so I offered to come over after work and search. I discussed the loss with the gentleman’s two sons and his wife and they walked me through what they remembered of the day the ring was lost. I started a slow grid search of the area where they felt the ring would have possibly ended up and after about thirty minutes I was getting worried. There was a lot of metal in the yard and after widening my search pattern, ‘boom’, my detector indicated a very strong signal that was close to the surface and much stronger than I would have imagined a ring would make. After carefully cutting a wide plug, thinking it was possibly a can, I flipped the plug and the beautiful wedding ring was exposed!

We were all surprised and I was very happy to have been able to help return this man’s wedding ring prior to his family’s move!

Wedding ring lost while shooting hoops in Cincinnati – Recovered!

from Cincinnati (Ohio, United States)
Contact: 513-312-0341

I received a call this afternoon from a gentleman who had lost his wedding ring while playing basketball with his sons at his home. He told me he had felt the ring slip off of his finger while dunking a ball and that he thought that it may have bounced off of his leg as he was coming down. He knew the ring was in his backyard and he thought it was probably on the ground close to the base of the basket ball hoop.

After searching by hand and with a borrowed metal detector he had offered the neighborhood kids a reward if they could find it for him and yet after two weeks he still had not been able to locate his ring. Frustrated and wondering if perhaps a squirrel or raccoon might have carried it off, he asked some friends on-line if they had any suggestions. One of his friends had heard something about the Ring Finders and he suggested a call to a local member which is when we connected.

We arranged to meet and search after work today and though the ring was not as close to the hoop as we had initially hoped, widening my search area a bit I finally did hear the strong response I was hoping for.

I am very happy to have been able to help find this man’s wedding ring and as you can see, he was smiling also!

Sentimental Ring recovered, Cincinnati Ohio

from Cincinnati (Ohio, United States)
Contact: 513-312-0341

I received a call on a Sunday morning from a young lady regarding a ring that had been lost the night before. While swimming in a creek with friends, she said she had felt her ring slip off of her finger. After searching for hours with three friends she headed home discouraged, fearing that her ring was lost.

Searching the internet she located the International Ring Finders Site and saw that I was a local Ring Finder and she contacted me first thing Sunday morning. We were unable to meet on Sunday and rains were forecast so we were worried we might not be able to search, but I met with her boyfriend on Monday evening and he took me to the site to search. Within about 30 minutes I was fortunate to be able to locate and recover the young lady’s ring.

The ring had sentimental value because her boyfriend had given it to her on her Birthday and it was her favorite. ” I am so happy that Douglas was able to help  me! He was very kind and saved something very memorable for me!”

I was glad to have been able to search for and recover this ring and happy they called me to assist!

Grandmother’s Ring Recovered, Cincinnati, Ohio

from Cincinnati (Ohio, United States)
Contact: 513-312-0341

I received an email late Monday evening with a photo of the site where this ring was lost and suggestions for beginning my search if I could help search for it. It turned out that I work very close to the site where the ring was lost and so I replied that I would search in the morning and again at lunch if necessary.  The owner and some friends had searched for the ring after it was lost and they had gone back to the site to search again Monday evening with flashlights. Returning home afterward, the owner replied to my email and we agreed to meet at the site during lunch the next day.

I prepared my gear and got an early start Tuesday morning to begin my search of the site. The emailed photo and suggestions were really accurate and I was fortunate and able to locate the ring within 45 minutes of starting my grid search of an area about the size of a football field. I was really pleased to be able to locate this ring and to get to work on time!

In the ring owner’s own words:

“It was my grandmother’s ring who had passed a little over two years ago. I was lifting weights earlier in the day and had taken my ring off and tied it to my shoe lace because I have bent rings before when lifting while wearing them. My work has a kickball league and I was hurrying from the gym to our kickball game and didn’t put my ring back on my finger when I arrived so it was still tied to my shoe. During the game my shoe lace unfortunately came untied while I was running and my ring slipped off… that’s when I contacted Doug while looking for a way to try to find it in the grass!”

Her smile tells the story and I’m happy to have been able to help!

Wedding Ring Found Cincinnati, Ohio

from Cincinnati (Ohio, United States)
Contact: 513-312-0341

I received an email early Sunday morning regarding a wedding ring that had been lost around a bonfire the evening before. After a late night search and then a search again in the early morning, having had no luck locating the ring, my contact information was located via the ring finders site.

We agreed to meet just after lunch and we discussed the evening’s loss. After learning that the ring had been heard striking one of the chairs around the fire the night before, we were certain it was close but we were unable to see it. Swinging my detector around the chair in question I got a good strong signal but I still could not see the ring itself.

The ring’s color blended well with the chair and the grass but when I used the pinpointer I was able to locate the ring promptly just behind a chair leg.

The owner’s smile tells the story!

Lost Ring At Northern Kentucky Kayak Pullout Point – FOUND!

from Cincinnati (Ohio, United States)
Contact: 513-312-0341

I received this call while at work and arranged to meet and search for this engagement ring later that evening. Once we located the ring signal with the detector we were able to pin point the ring and I think we were all surprised and happy to be able to recover this engagement ring!

My husband and I went kayaking and at the very end of our trip while I was getting out of my kayak I lost my wedding ring in the river. My husband and I looked and looked. I prayed we would find it but eventually we had to call it quits.

I was trying so hard to hold back tears and accept the fact that I had just lost my ring, but when I began to think of all the wonderful memories that ring and my husband brought me I began to cry.

The next day while I was at work my husband and our 2 small children went back to the spot where I lost my ring and they searched for it but still could not find it.

My determined husband contacted Doug through the Ring Finders Site online and arranged to meet with him later that day and they found my ring in less than an hour! The Ring Finders and Doug were my answered prayer. I am so incredibly happy to have my ring back with even more memories to remind me how much my husband loves me.

There were smiles all around after this recovery!

Late recovery is an early Christmas surprise in Cincinnati, Ohio

from Cincinnati (Ohio, United States)
Contact: 513-312-0341

I received a telephone message with a request to search for a set of lost wedding rings on December 3rd however, I unfortunately, only just listened to the message on December 17th… Two weeks late, I offered to search for her rings that evening and arriving at 7:00 pm because I had to return home to pick up my detector and recovery tools, we walked her yard area and she described the day of the loss while pointing out flags she had posted in areas where she believed her rings might be.

The day the rings were lost we had some very high winds early in the morning with gusts into the 40 mph range. Afterward, she and her husband were out doing some tree pruning and cleanup and during their efforts hauling brush and leaves to the rear of the property, she had removed her wedding rings and put them in her her shirt pocket to protect them. It was not until their day’s work was completed that she noted her rings were missing.

Not having heard back from me she and her husband had researched metal detectors and recovery techniques and they had tried to locate the rings with a borrowed metal detector. It must have been frustrating because I noted the yard area was heavily laden with small pieces of metal and scrap and I had to run several patterns and cover the areas she had marked twice to be certain her rings were not there. After several hours I decided to return home for the evening, install my 17″ coil and then return and grid their entire yard from front to back.

On my return today, I was able to get an earlier start but I was prepared for a potentially long search. I started in on their side yard and was four rows into my grid when I heard the sound I had been hoping for and my light shined on part of a small platinum ring. Overjoyed I had found the engagement ring within 20 minutes of beginning my search, I was hoping the wedding band would be close. Not two feet away I hit another strong signal and found her other ring.

I could not believe our luck and neither could she as she didn’t remember having been  in that area on the day she lost her rings. We were both really happy and I believe this find will help to make both our Christmas Holidays even happier.

Cincinnati, Ohio – Lost CASE knife, family heirloom of sentimental value – recovered!

from Cincinnati (Ohio, United States)
Contact: 513-312-0341

I was contacted by a friend who knew I did some metal detecting and ring recoveries and he asked if I would search for a special knife he lost while baling hay. My friend had been working with a knife his Grandfather had given him and he had searched the hay field for several days trying to locate it himself when we connected by telephone and I promised to start searching that evening as darkness would not pose a problem. However, my understanding of the baler’s operation and of the search areas was not quite correct and so as I searched in the dark I was finding old farm vehicle parts and aluminum as I should have, but no knife. Giving up when my flashlight batteries all died, I returned the next morning and searched again in daylight but I still had no luck.

Frustrated, I met my friend at his barn on my way out for lunch and he demonstrated how the baler operated and we both noted my search areas had been off by at least 10 to 15 foot at each site and so I promised to try again that afternoon.

There were 22 bale spots I needed to search and my friend took the time to mark each of the spots for me with sticks and wooden blocks to help define the search areas for me. After meeting and reviewing the search areas with him again and getting a better description of the knife, I headed to the field to start my third search in a cool and drizzling rain.

As I approached the filed this third time I had mounted the large 17″ coil on my CTX 3030 and I was searching using a wide open pattern with no discrimination and so I was confident. The first thing I saw was that my friend had done a thorough job of marking each of the 22 spots I needed to search and I remembered he had said he felt the knife was in the western side of the field and so I began my search within the north western most bale location he had marked. After turning on the CTX 3030 and tuning it, I circled the site twice and within two minutes I received the signal I was hoping for! The knife had been lost at very the last bale’s location.

Returning to the barn within twenty minutes my friend asked me what I had found as I had already turned up some interesting rusted pieces of farm equipment during my searches but I think he was hesitant to believe I might have found his knife.

He was surprised and happy to have his grandfather’s knife back in hand and I was happy to have helped.

His smile says it all!

Engagement Ring Lost While Kayaking In Cincinnati, OH, Recovered!

from Cincinnati (Ohio, United States)
Contact: 513-312-0341
Early in June, I had been on my way to assist with a ring recovery when the owner found the ring herself and called to let me know. I had the day off and was planning my afternoon when checking my email I received this request to assist in another ring recovery.
“I don’t know if you would be able to help us but my fiance lost her engagement ring while kayaking on a local river. We know exactly where it was lost and it was in fast water but not too deep, maybe 3 or 4 feet.”
I contacted them and we arranged to meet and survey the area. The only way we could reach the spot was by a short canoe trip and so we decided to give it a try. The couple rented a canoe and off we went to search for the spot, some things looked familiar but locating the exact spot was not so easy and so we searched around one area for about an hour with no luck. We were all pretty concerned and the bride was walking up river when noted she thought another area looked more like where she had lost her ring.
I asked her where she thought she had tipped and she spread her arms pointing out an area mid stream and said “right in there”. I walked out into the river as she directed and she told me to go out a bit farther and I began my search. After twenty minutes of searching we were all beginning to lose confidence again when I received a good strong signal and circled around it downstream to push whatever it was into my recovery scoop. The young bride had picked the correct location for the search and I was pleased to find their ring in my first scoop.
When the couple saw me smiling mid-river they could not believe that I had found their ring and they ran into the river laughing and crying tears of joy to confirm I had actually found it!
None of us had been expecting to canoe that day but we were blessed with a great afternoon to search and a lot of luck and we were hopeful we could recover the ring and in the end we were all glad we did it!