Douglas Owens, Author at The Ring Finders

Father’s Heirloom Ring Found in Burlington, KY

  • from Cincinnati (Ohio, United States)

Received a call while at lunch on Friday, from a gentleman who explained he was distraught because he had lost a ring his father had given him. He had been wearing the ring for years and while working around his home and yard all the day before, the gentleman was certain he had lost his ring somewhere on his property. He was hoping to cut his lawn on Saturday and so we agreed to meet after work because I just happened to have my gear with me.

He explained to me that he used to detect himself and had considered renting a detector and searching for the ring himself, but he was worried about a bad hip and after finding the Ring Finders web site and reading about some of our successes, he decided to give me a call.

When I arrived, we walked the areas he felt where we would most likely find his ring and I got to work gridding those areas. After about forty five minutes or so I had covered those most probable areas and so we broadened the search areas and I continued my gridding. I was down to the short rows, and starting to get worried as I was completing a full circle around his home when I widened my search zone and got the signal I had been hoping for. It was getting dark, but the last rays of the sunset glinted off of the ring when I looked down and I was so happy to have found it.

When I went up to his door I could see he was sad to see no ring in my hand and so I showed him some of the junk that I had found and then told him that near a downspout out back I found this. I held out his ring and his face lit up with surprise and we hugged and I think that he may have been even happier than I was to be able to return his father’s ring to him!

These are the moments that make being a ring finder most worthwhile!

Wedding Rings – Tossed and Found in NKY

  • from Cincinnati (Ohio, United States)

I received a text on Saturday morning from a woman in Northern Kentucky, who after returning home late on Friday evening from her son’s baseball tournament, was cleaning up the family car when she discovered she had lost her wedding rings.

While emptying the car and getting it ready for more tournament games, a cooler had spilled in the front floor well and it was later after tossing the ice from the car, that she realized the ice had probably shrunk her fingers and that her wedding rings had flown off of her hand during the cleanup.

Searching on hands and knees, she was able to locate her engagement ring in an expansion joint in the driveway, but her wedding band proved harder to track down. Using one of their son’s metal detectors they had had no luck and a neighbor even assisted with his detector, searching for over an hour. but still having no luck.

Locating the Ring Finders site, I was contacted and we arranged to meet later that evening. Walking me through what had happened and showing me the engagement ring, we tried to determine the most likely path for the ring, but with the previous searches undertaken, I widened my search grid and got started. While getting started, I noticed their utilities were buried under ground, and that because the home was relatively new construction and so, there was plenty of noise.

As we were uncertain which side of the driveway the ring might be on, I chose one and I started my search at the street, working my way back up to about where the engagement ring had been found. I was about to give up and switch sides, when about two feet from the driveway, just next to the expansion joint where the engagement ring had been found, I got the signal I was hoping for.

Though we had gotten lucky and recovered both rings, unfortunately, one of the small diamonds in the wedding band was missing, possibly lost when the ring bounced on their driveway, but we were both still very happy that this ring was recovered!

Wedding ring lost while cleaning pool filter – Recovered in Cincinnati, Ohio

  • from Cincinnati (Ohio, United States)

I received a text message late Tuesday evening from a gentleman who had been cleaning his pool filter out on Sunday and while shaking the debris out of the filter near his backyard fence, he felt his ring slip off and even heard it hit the fence. After searching for several days and nights with no success, he located my profile on the Ring Finders web site and sent me a text asking if I could please help. We agreed to meet the next afternoon after work and arriving early, I asked him if I could start my search before he got home. He told me it was AOK and directed me to the spot where he thought I should get started searching. We were not certain which side of the fence the ring had landed on, but working my way along the fence inside near the pool filter, swinging over a wide area and moving slowly, I received a really strong signal and found his wedding ring right where we hoped it would be!

I sent him this photo while he was still on his way home and he was very pleased to see his wedding ring had been recovered!

Wedding rings lost while walking dog – Recovered in Kettering, Ohio

  • from Cincinnati (Ohio, United States)

Many Thanks to the Ring Finder who referred this young women to me because I was located closer to the area where she lost her rings! After taking her rings off to wash her hands and put some lotion on, she remembered placing them in her cargo pants pockets. Afterward, she and her husband took their two dogs for their daily, mile and a half, walk. Returning home and noticing her rings were missing, she could remembered pulling her phone out of her pocket several times but she could not remember hearing the rings hit the pavement. She and her husband walked the route several times over the next few days and nights with lights, but they did not locate the rings.

We arranged to meet and after hearing her story, we decided to walk the route she regularly walked her dogs with me following along behind her in the grass to her right on the way out. As luck would have it, after less than a two hundred yard walk involving lots of stooping and probing the grass for somewhat promising signals that I heard the strong signal I was hoping for and I saw her ring lying in the grass just next to the sidewalk. I wish I had a captured picture of the look on her face when I stooped one more time and rising, held out her rings. Her smile and happy tears more than made the trip worthwhile!


Wedding Ring Found On Lucky Rainy Afternoon, In Cincinnati, Ohio!

  • from Cincinnati (Ohio, United States)

I had just gotten off of work and was ready to detect a local park on a dreary, rainy, afternoon when I noticed a text message from a young woman who found me via the Ring Finders directory. I called and she told me that she had lost her wedding ring in her backyard the day before. She had been tossing a ball from their deck to their family dogs when she felt her ring slip off with one of her throws and she even heard it bounce once in the yard. She and her husband had searched late and had even bought a metal detector to find it, but being unfamiliar with the detector the experience proved frustrating and they had been unable to find her ring.

I was surprised to learn that I just happened to be within a mile of their home and I drove right over to search. Knowing where the ring was lost and with my search area defined, I started my search and within twenty minutes, I had located her wedding ring!

While taking a picture of her ring on my wet detector, I saw her face as she realized that I had found her ring, and she seemed quite surprised, and very happy.

Chris Turner, founder of the Ring Finders is right when he says the smiles and happy faces when you get to return a lost treasure, really do make it worthwhile!

Wedding band lost while snow sledding at home, Recovered In Dayton, OH

  • from Cincinnati (Ohio, United States)

I received a text on Tuesday morning from a gentleman who explained that after a recent snowfall, he and his wife had been sledding really fast in their backyard and when they went inside he noticed his ring was gone. The snow had been heavy for our area, and the snow plows were struggling to clear the main roads. Some side streets had to wait and so I was unable to travel to this hillside location until after work on Wednesday.

While walking me through the area, the owner updated me on where they had been sledding and what he thought might have happened. I started my search and after having covered most of the area with no results, I decided to widen my search grid. Searching the outsides of my gridded area I swung close to the gate to their backyard and my detector picked up not only the gate but also a second faint signal nearby. I did a double-take, checking my audio and detector screen and then scanned over the spot again several times.

I could not believe our luck because the ring had been lost right at the entrance to their backyard.

As we talked after the successful recovery, the happy owner explained to me that since losing the ring, he had really missed it, and that though the ring had not been expensive, its sentimental value to him as a husband, was priceless.

Whenever I am able to recover and return a missing treasure like this, I am grateful to have been able to help, and the smiles make the effort worth while!

Beautiful Ring Lost During A Snowball Fight – Recovered in Cincinnati, OH

  • from Cincinnati (Ohio, United States)

I received a text this cold Valentines Day morning from a gentleman who’s daughter had lost her small gold ring during a snowball fight the evening before. The ring was a birthday gift from her mother and she was very upset about losing it.

The young lady was certain she had lost her ring while throwing snowballs and luckily, their snow battle had been in the front yard at her home, so the search area was well defined.

When I arrived at their home, she and her father described what had happened and they walked me through the area where they believed her ring would be found. I started a south to north grid and was starting to worry as I had covered over half of the search area, when I decided to search the sidewalk edges and the lawn near the curb. I had probably taken three steps toward the street when I heard the sound I had been hoping for. Pushing my pin pointer around in the snow I was able to quickly locate her very small, beautiful gold ring!

Happy to have her ring back the grateful young lady’s smile was so big I could see it behind her mask and I was almost as happy just to have been able to help recover her ring!

Wedding Ring Lost While Sledding With Family, Recovered In Cincinnati, OH

  • from Cincinnati (Ohio, United States)

This gentleman messaged me today and let me know that after doing some sledding with his kids earlier in the week, he found at the end of the day, that he had lost his wedding ring. After thoroughly searching the area for about four days, he found my information on the Ring Finders website and decided to contact me.

Having planned to do some searching after work today, I had already packed my equipment and so after work when I called him back, I mentioned I could come over right away and search.

When I arrived he shared his explanation of the day sledding with his family and he showed me the sledding areas where he and his wife believed the ring would probably be. They had been searching all week and had raked some of the snow away and cleared several search areas. They had even placed flags in two spots where he and his wife thought I should start my searches because they remembered his having taken off his gloves there several times while sledding.

As it turned out, his first suggested location was where I started my search, and it was there that I located his ring.

His wedding ring was just outside of a large cleared snow circle on the hilltop and I had planned on working my grid search from outside to the center of that area!

I was happy to help, and we were all pleased that I was able to locate his ring, especially because I believe the kids were ready to do some more sledding!

Heirloom ring lost while clearing snow from car in Newport, Kentucky

  • from Cincinnati (Ohio, United States)

After losing her ring while scraping her car windows, the owner searched for several hours during a snow storm, into the very early morning. I received a text requesting help searching, if possible, before work that morning.

Unfortunately, I had to dig out at my home that morning also and then I had to go to work. I was unable to help search until after completing a short shift at my second job and so I was unable to arrive until 8:30 pm that evening.

The ring was lost in front of a home in a downtown neighborhood and the streets had already been plowed during the day. Snow covered cars lined the sides of the street and most of the parking spots, if vacated during the day, were occupied again by the time I arrived.  The ring owner informed me she had rented a metal detector that morning and continued her search but that she still had not been able to locate her ring. She talked me through what had happened and where she thought the ring probably had landed when it flew from her hand. I got started searching an area about the length of a large sedan. The snow had already been searched thoroughly several times and after about fifteen minutes, I had had no luck either. Worried, I decided to widen my search area moving out into and father down the street. returning to where I had started I had just moved in the direction opposite to where we thought the ring had flown when I heard the sound I was hoping for! I located the ring with my pin pointer and was surprised to find that even after the snow plows, cars pulling into and out of the spot, and the two us us shuffling around it in the snow and slush, her mother’s ring was in perfect condition.

We were both surprised and happy!

Monroe Ohio – Wedding ring lost while spreading straw – Found On Winter Solstice

  • from Cincinnati (Ohio, United States)

I received a call on Sunday afternoon from a homeowner who had been seeding and spreading straw on his lawn. He was certain his ring was lost while spreading the straw and that it was somewhere in his backyard. I was unable to search until Monday evening after work and when I arrived we walked the area discussing the weekend project.

He had saved the last of the unused straw in a small bag, though he had searched through it, so that we could go over it again with the detector, however we did not find the ring in the bag. After half of the yard had been searched I was almost beginning to worry, when just off the back porch area I heard the signal we were both hoping for.

The home owner said he thought that was probably the area he had lost it in because that was where he had started his project and that he had searched for it there but had been unable to locate it.

I appreciated the call and was really happy to help locate this ring on the winter solstice and during the appearance of the Christmas Star to hopefully make the home owner’s Christmas a little more Merry!