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Cincinnati, Ohio – Lost CASE knife, family heirloom of sentimental value – recovered!

from Cincinnati (Ohio, United States)
Contact: 513-312-0341

I was contacted by a friend who knew I did some metal detecting and ring recoveries and he asked if I would search for a special knife he lost while baling hay. My friend had been working with a knife his Grandfather had given him and he had searched the hay field for several days trying to locate it himself when we connected by telephone and I promised to start searching that evening as darkness would not pose a problem. However, my understanding of the baler’s operation and of the search areas was not quite correct and so as I searched in the dark I was finding old farm vehicle parts and aluminum as I should have, but no knife. Giving up when my flashlight batteries all died, I returned the next morning and searched again in daylight but I still had no luck.

Frustrated, I met my friend at his barn on my way out for lunch and he demonstrated how the baler operated and we both noted my search areas had been off by at least 10 to 15 foot at each site and so I promised to try again that afternoon.

There were 22 bale spots I needed to search and my friend took the time to mark each of the spots for me with sticks and wooden blocks to help define the search areas for me. After meeting and reviewing the search areas with him again and getting a better description of the knife, I headed to the field to start my third search in a cool and drizzling rain.

As I approached the filed this third time I had mounted the large 17″ coil on my CTX 3030 and I was searching using a wide open pattern with no discrimination and so I was confident. The first thing I saw was that my friend had done a thorough job of marking each of the 22 spots I needed to search and I remembered he had said he felt the knife was in the western side of the field and so I began my search within the north western most bale location he had marked. After turning on the CTX 3030 and tuning it, I circled the site twice and within two minutes I received the signal I was hoping for! The knife had been lost at very the last bale’s location.

Returning to the barn within twenty minutes my friend asked me what I had found as I had already turned up some interesting rusted pieces of farm equipment during my searches but I think he was hesitant to believe I might have found his knife.

He was surprised and happy to have his grandfather’s knife back in hand and I was happy to have helped.

His smile says it all!

Engagement Ring Lost While Kayaking In Cincinnati, OH, Recovered!

from Cincinnati (Ohio, United States)
Contact: 513-312-0341
Early in June, I had been on my way to assist with a ring recovery when the owner found the ring herself and called to let me know. I had the day off and was planning my afternoon when checking my email I received this request to assist in another ring recovery.
“I don’t know if you would be able to help us but my fiance lost her engagement ring while kayaking on a local river. We know exactly where it was lost and it was in fast water but not too deep, maybe 3 or 4 feet.”
I contacted them and we arranged to meet and survey the area. The only way we could reach the spot was by a short canoe trip and so we decided to give it a try. The couple rented a canoe and off we went to search for the spot, some things looked familiar but locating the exact spot was not so easy and so we searched around one area for about an hour with no luck. We were all pretty concerned and the bride was walking up river when noted she thought another area looked more like where she had lost her ring.
I asked her where she thought she had tipped and she spread her arms pointing out an area mid stream and said “right in there”. I walked out into the river as she directed and she told me to go out a bit farther and I began my search. After twenty minutes of searching we were all beginning to lose confidence again when I received a good strong signal and circled around it downstream to push whatever it was into my recovery scoop. The young bride had picked the correct location for the search and I was pleased to find their ring in my first scoop.
When the couple saw me smiling mid-river they could not believe that I had found their ring and they ran into the river laughing and crying tears of joy to confirm I had actually found it!
None of us had been expecting to canoe that day but we were blessed with a great afternoon to search and a lot of luck and we were hopeful we could recover the ring and in the end we were all glad we did it!

Lost wedding ring recovered in Cincinnati, Ohio

from Cincinnati (Ohio, United States)
Contact: 513-312-0341

I received a call today from a young woman who had been out shooting hoops with her family on a sunny Sunday afternoon when she discovered she had lost her wedding ring. She was certain she had lost it while playing ball in her front yard but she and her family had been unable to find it.

It was Tuesday and I had to work late but with a cold front, rain and snow forecast and fast approaching, we decided to search immediately after I was off of work. I arrived at 8:45 pm we reviewed what had happened and I was able to scan her husbands ring which was a duplicate yellow gold composition, though larger in diameter.

I had searched around the goal area for about 30 minutes and I was just getting worried when I decided to search the driveway expansion cracks, flower beds and one more area of the yard behind where the game had been played. I was just three yards into that final search area when I heard the strong signal I had been hoping for!

Somehow her ring had ended up behind the playing area and on the opposite side of the driveway. After a few warm days, it was getting colder with sleet turning to snow and I was happy to be able to recover and return this young woman’s wedding ring. I think she and her family were surprised but happy too as there with smiles all around, making me grateful to have been able to help.


Lost wedding ring in Cincinnati, Ohio, recovered on couple’s anniversary!

from Cincinnati (Ohio, United States)
Contact: 513-312-0341

About a week before Christmas I was contacted by a young woman regarding my helping in the search for her husband’s lost wedding band. Her husband was certain his ring had been lost while he was clearing brush on their property. The area the ring had been lost in was covered with undergrowth, honeysuckle and a thick carpet of leaves and the couple and a few of their friends had already searched unsuccessfully for the ring for over ten days.

After finding me via my Book Of Smiles on the Ring Finders web site, they decided to contact me for my assistance. It just so happened that the next day after dark, which was my earliest opportunity to search, was also the date of their wedding anniversary and I promised them I would do my best. After walking the site with the couple and reviewing their memories of the events of the day the ring was lost, we agreed on likely location for me to start my search and I got to work.

I had searched just three small grids of the area we had reviewed when I heard the tone I was hoping for. All of us were pleased and surprised when in just under an hour into my search I located and returned their lost wedding ring!

Smiles all around, I was so glad to have been able to help make their Anniversary day even happier!

Found – Wedding Ring Lost While Raking Leaves In Cincinnati Ohio!

from Cincinnati (Ohio, United States)
Contact: 513-312-0341

On the Friday after Thanksgiving, I had been searching late for another lost wedding ring and I was headed home just after dark when I noticed a text message regarding another wedding ring that had been lost earlier that day. I happened to be within a few miles of the site and so I called to see if a night search was agreeable.

I connected with the ring’s owner and we arranged to meet right away. She and a friend walked me through the search area they had defined and they showed me they had taken care and saved all of the leaves they had raked piling them in their search area. After having searched for hours unsuccessfully seeking another wedding ring earlier, I was glad to help out and this hunt helped me to end my day on a positive note!

Here is the owner’s story:

“I was raking leaves in my backyard, when I looked down at my hand and noticed that my wedding band had fallen off. I had only gotten married a month ago and hadn’t gotten my ring sized properly yet. I was sure we would never be able to find it among all the leaves and we spent two hours combing through the yard to no avail. After it got dark, we found Doug on the ring finders website and decided it was worth it to give him a call. Within an hour he was at our house with his equipment and he found my ring within three minutes! I was so relieved and grateful that someone like Doug would take the time to use his talents to help us!”

Engagement ring lost when canoe capsized, Cincinnati, Ohio

from Cincinnati (Ohio, United States)
Contact: 513-312-0341

“Would love to get your help if you’re available. My daughter lost her engagement ring in river today when our canoe capsized. It was today, Sunday, 6/11/17. We have the exact coordinates. It’s about 15-18 inches of water. We would be eternally grateful if you could help. THANK YOU!!!”.

I was knee deep in water searching for another lost ring when my phone received this message and unfortunately it was late afternoon when I retrieved it. Rain was forecast for the coming week and when it came it was very heavy at times. Though we tried searching during the next week, the water level was higher and the current stronger making searching tough and so we decided to try again when conditions had improved. Hoping for low water and reduced current, we had no idea I would be searching over two months for this ring.

The area where the ring was lost was challenging for canoes and the rains we received were exceptionally heavy for early summer and these factors combined to make searching challenging and sometime just not possible. Over the next few weeks I helped rescue capsized canoes and found many lost items, keys, glasses, phones, clothes, trash etc. When I could do so, I was also removing nails, fish hooks, scrap iron, pop cans, tabs and foil, all of the types of things I should have been finding, but unfortunately, there was no ring.

With ‘dog days’ came improving water conditions which we had hoped for and I continued searching, but again and again I left our search area without the ring. On Sunday August 20th, I decided to try again, just one last time. Going in after a lite rain I was apprehensive but widened my search area and after only about an hour I received several mixed signals, one was of the type I had been hoping for and I was both surprised and pleased to finally recover this ring in a hand full of rocks and gravel.

I was happy to help and so glad to be able to recover this engagement ring because the ring was lost not long after this couple’s wedding, but also because of this couple’s smiles indicating how happy they are to have it back beside the wedding band on the bride’s hand!

Chris Turner, founder of the Ring Finders is absolutely right, it is all about the smiles.

Best wishes and good luck to you all with your searches!


Gun stolen, tossed, lost, found, Cincinnati, Ohio.

from Cincinnati (Ohio, United States)
Contact: 513-312-0341

I recently received a call from a woman who found me via our Ring Finders web site. She indicated her request was probably unlike those I normally receive and she asked if I would help with her search. She explained to me that earlier in the day, a friend had threatened her and stolen her handgun which she reported to the police.  Later that morning, her friend while attempting to elude police on a motorcycle, reportedly tossed her gun somewhere along the side of a wide public thoroughfare just prior to being captured.

The woman said she was very concerned that her gun might be found by a child or a pedestrian and/or that someone might be hurt and so she had been searching all day for it herself. We discussed the route her friend had reportedly traveled and some landmarks and I promised to help search as soon as I could. I worked late that night but was able to start my search just after dark at the start of the area we discussed. I gradually worked back and forth toward the spot where her friend was pulled over. About halfway through my search area, I received a very strong, loud signal and I almost could not believe my luck.

I phoned the police, reported my find and filled out a report for them and I contacted the gun owner to let her know also, hoping she would be able to relax a little after a very stressful day.

Cell phone recovered while searching for ring, Cincinnati, Ohio

from Cincinnati (Ohio, United States)
Contact: 513-312-0341

I was on a search for an heirloom wedding band that had been lost while the couple had been canoeing. The water level was low in my search area but the current strong and after searching for some time with no luck, I did recovered a cell phone. Though the phone was probably ruined, when I separated it from its protective case, I found a note pressed tightly between the case and phone. The note, though damp, was in great condition and it included owners name and out of state address on it.

Thinking the owner might have been vacationing in our area, I decided to try and contact the owner to let her know I had recovered it. All worked out and I was glad to be able to return the phone.

Here is the owner’s story:
“I received the phone in the mail today. Thank you for returning it to me! I thought I would never see it again, since we went back to search for it twice after our canoe tipped in the river. We were canoeing about three weeks ago in the river when we came to a fork, just before the end of our six mile canoe trip. We decided to go left, since the shape of the river on that side was a bit faster than the right side. We approached a tree stump in the water and I tried to steer us away from the log, but we didn’t act soon enough. To our great surprise, the canoe bumped the log and flipped! Next thing I knew we were in the water, our stuff streaming past us in the fast current. I managed to grab some water bottles and towels floating by, but my phone was already nowhere to be seen. It took us a while to get the canoe flipped right side up again, and we were all drenched and tired. We went back to that area of the river to search for it twice: once the day it happened and once two days later, but had no luck. I thought I would never see my phone again!  Thanks again, and good luck with your search!”

Successful High School Graduation Ring Return, Clermont County, Ohio

from Cincinnati (Ohio, United States)
Contact: 513-312-0341

Having recently graduated, Kyle and his girlfriend were visiting some local parks and just beginning to enjoy their summer. Kyle’s girlfriend had been wearing his class ring on a leather thong around her neck and somehow, somewhere they had visited, it had been lost. They had been revisiting and searching all the sites they remembered they had visited but they were unable to find it.

About a week or two later while searching for another ring lost at a local park, I was fortunate to recover Kyle’s class ring. I immediately set about researching the ring, contacting the ring manufacturer and the local high school that I suspected the ring might have come from. I had a lot of information to go on, his name Kyle was on the ring, his initials were engraved inside the ring, and the school mascot was noted on the ring.

I received assistance right away from the school summer staff but we were unable to find the rings owner until after about a week had passed, one staff member at the school noted that their mascot was also the mascot of another school that was not so far away. This was the break we needed. The staff at the second high school I contacted were also very helpful and after searching their yearbook they were able to get me in contact with Kyle within hours.

Returning a lost ring is a rewarding experience and I really appreciated all of the help I received which enabled me to return this ring. Kyle was very surprised to see his ring again, but I think he was most happy because he was able to surprise his sweetheart and return his ring to her!

Lost Engagement Ring Recovered, Hamilton, Ohio

from Cincinnati (Ohio, United States)
Contact: 513-312-0341


I received a text message early one Sunday morning explaining how a young lady had lost her engagement ring after attending an outdoor concert and festival and asking if I would help in the search. When we spoke, the young lady told me she and a group of friends had looked for her ring until early in the morning using their cell phone flash lights but that they had been unable to find it.

I had a previous commitment early on Sunday and promised to call her as soon as I was free in the afternoon. When I called she told me that she and a friend with a metal detector had already searched for over six hours and been unable to find her ring. She was concerned that perhaps another festival attendee might have found her ring the night before and that it might no longer even be there.

I offered to search anyway if she thought it worthwhile and she said yes it was. We met at about 3:00 pm and she recounted her evening while walking me along the path she remembered taking to her vehicle which was where she thought she had lost her ring. Bottom line, she was uncertain and I was thinking we could be in for a long search of easily three or more hours to cover my grid area which I estimated as roughly half a football field and which was littered and obviously traversed by many festival goers.

I started my search in a corner of my grid area that the young lady did not really think was the correct area, but she had mentioned to me during our walk through that her fiance thought it was a good possibility. I decided to enlarge my grid by an additional fifteen yards just before starting my search and not ten minutes into my search, my detector returned a very strong signal. I could not believe our luck as I saw her ring lying right there in the grass under my coil.

As I walked toward her car, giving her a thumbs up, she was speaking with her fiance on her cell phone and I don’t think she believed it at first, but then she noticed her ring on my finger and she was all smiles, crying happily and excitedly updating her fiance.

I had already had a great morning with friends and recovering this young lady’s engagement ring and seeing her smile made my day even better. I still cannot believe how fortunate we were and what a GREAT day it turned out to be for both of us!