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Titanium Ring found at Scorching Bay, Wellington, New Zealand

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A Very Happy Trafford

A Very Happy Trafford

Trafford's Titanium Ring
Trafford’s Titanium Ring

I received a call from Trafford who had been throwing food scraps to the sea birds when he felt his Titanium Wedding band come off his finger.  He didn’t see where it landed but thought it may have gone all the way to the water.

He, his wife, and another couple spent almost 2 hours searching the sand but were unsuccessful.

Luckily they found our website when looking for a metal detector to hire.

I arrived at the beach a short time later and met the very anxious couple and got them to show me where they thought they were when the ring came off.

Trafford gave me and area where he thought he had been standing, but there was only a very small area of dry sand as the tide was now fully in.

I thought it was worth checking the dry sand first before getting my feet wet.  I ground balanced the AT Pro to the sand and gave the coil one sweep over the sand.  I got a signal straight away, which looked good, so I dug a shovel full of sand out and couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the ring pop up to the surface.

Trafford and Rachel were so excited and they couldn’t believe I had found it so quickly.

The ring meant a lot to them as they have only had it for 4 months and it had been blessed.

I feel so privileged to have been able to reunite them with the ring, and this will add a happy story to its history.

Thank you for a very generous reward.  A share of that will go to the Life Flight Trust Ambulance.