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Found lost wedding band Woodruff SC

  • from Greenville County (South Carolina, United States)

Received an email the other day about a tungsten wedding band lost while Doug was washing his truck. I was able to go over this evening and meet Doug and his bride at their home in hopes of locating his ring. Doug had told me he had flung the towel over his truck trying to get to some of the hard to reach areas when he remembers thinking, ”I would hate to fling my ring off” 5 minutes later his ring was gone.  After realizing the ring was gone they searched by eye and the enlisted the help of his dad and his metal detector but still no luck.. I believe they said 7 hours worth of searching altogether. I started detecting from the house to the area the truck was washed at and then moved outward to a section of the yard that was thicker with grass. I was using my Minelab E TRAC  this time a first for finding a tungsten wedding band. I searched for about 20 minutes and got a solid 12-35-36 and moved my pinpointer over the signal area and uncovered Doug’s wedding band. Doug was excited to get it back on his finger.. Doug and his bride married just over a year ago at the place that started me on my ringfinders career Folly beach SC. Thank you Doug for the generous reward.. SO if you have lost something important. Call a ringfinder in your area.   img_5051img_5052