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Gold and Diamond Engagement Ring Lost Happy Valley, OR – Found and Returned

  • from Portland (Oregon, United States)

Please send warm thoughts or prayers to a newly engaged couple, Naomi and Ruben, who have been engaged 17 days today… every ring has memories this story is just one of them.

As they gathered to play volleyball Naomi thought it would be best to put her engagement ring in her shirt pocket for safe keeping. A short while later she discovered it missing. 25 people walked a line searching the 3″ dense grass with no luck. They borrowed a metal detector and still came up empty; I can only imagine her agony. The following day Ruben happened to find my info on the internet and a few hours later we met. The large sports field was quickly narrowed to a 30’x30′ area with subsequent expansion areas if needed. Their recollection of the loss area and a Minelab Equinox with 15″ coil made relatively short work of the recovery. Happiness, oh, the happiness, never gets old and Covid, forget it, her hug, his handshake, and their thankfulness made my day!

Ruben and Naomi I wish for you many blessed days and years ahead on your journey of marriage.

The Ring Finders, good folks doing great things to reunite people with their precious jewelry.

Platinum and Diamond Earring Lost – Found by The Ring Finders Portland, OR

  • from Portland (Oregon, United States)

Tracy showed me the plum tree branch that brushed her ear and caused the loss of her Platinum/Diamond earring the day before. Daytime and nighttime (flashlight) searches were unsuccessful so friends suggested “The Ring Finders”. When a platinum or gold earring is the target I use a specialized small gold tool, the Makro Racer Gold with small elliptical coils. Below a small pile of grass, that Tracy had made while searching on her hands and knees, was the beautiful earring she had worn every day for the past 5 years. Very happy and amazed by the technology, in experienced hands, were her and her husbands reactions.

Tracy, it was my pleasure finding your earring and talking with you and Dan. Thank you for the call.

Portland & The Columbia River Gorge
Will Travel Further as Needed

Lost Wedding Rings near Salem OR – Found – by Del Witters

  • from Portland (Oregon, United States)

Ashley lost two dainty, local artisan, gold wedding rings at the Black Rock Mountain Bike Complex West of Salem. It was a needle in the haystack kind of search but after 3 hours and multiple locations I was able to recover the engagement ring! Short video tells the rest of the story.

I really enjoyed our conversations and walk in the woods today, Thank you for the call Ashley and all the best!

After 4 Long Months Lost Wedding Ring Found – by Del Witters

  • from Portland (Oregon, United States)

Melissa’s mom saw the Oregon Fox 12 news story on The Ring Finders and told her to give me a call; moms are so helpful!

About 4 months ago Melissa set her wedding ring on the counter so she could help install the above ground pool in their backyard. Her daughter saw the ring and thought she would be cleverly helpful and present it to her mom on a small pillow. Shortly after stepping onto the grass the pillow fell and the ring was gone. Kevin borrowed a friends metal detector but he told me all it did was beep on everything and they couldn’t ever find the target. He also used a leaf blower to spread the grass but still no ring. As the months passed Melissa and Kevin looked but had nearly given up hope of ever finding her ring. It wasn’t until a few days ago that Melissa learned of The Ring Finders and gave me a call. Since the suspect area was near the roof line there were a lot of nails and it made it tough to hear a good solid tone. During my second grid of the area, perpendicular to the first, I heard a squeak of a good tone and the numbers, while not 100% locked on, looked good on my Minelab CTX 3030 for gold. My pinpointer picked up a relatively shallow target and at about one inch deep I uncovered a white gold wedding ring caked with mud. As I handed it to Melissa her smile and a few tears let me know I had found it!

Such a nice family and our worthwhile service keeps me smiling right along with my customers.

Share these stories with friends and family all over the world… chances are there is a member of “The Ring Finders” nearby that is ready to help.

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