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Custom Tooled Gold Wedding Band Lost Mount Hood – Found by The Ring Finders

  • from Hood River (Oregon, United States)

Taylor had been sledding with some friends for about 40 minutes on Mount Hood when he noticed his wedding band missing from his ungloved hand. He marked the logical boundaries (trees) with yellow rope and returned the following day with a rented metal detector but was unable to find it.  I arrived the following day and used his pictures and boundary markings for my search. While detecting I fell through the 2 feet plus deep snow multiple times; I too was unsuccessful. I noted the mountain snow base for that day and four days later it was 9″ less so I decided to give it another shot. Once more I used my Equinox 800 with 15″ coil and this time connected with the priceless 14k hand tooled band about 6″ under the snow.
This band, along with Taylor’s wife’s, was hand tooled by themselves in a jewelry shop, so this truly was a priceless symbol of love to one another, and I feel honored to have kept their ‘ring story’ alive.
Taylor, I wish you and your wife many years of love & happiness.

‘The Ring Finders’, good folks doing great things to reunite people with their treasured pieces of jewelry.
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Titanium & Gold Wedding Band Lost in Portland – Found by The Ring Finders Portland & The Gorge

  • from Hood River (Oregon, United States)

During a heavy rainfall James discovered a small water fall flowing through his rock retaining wall. Concerned it may erode the surrounding soil he started digging in mud & vegetation to find the origin. He did find the origin, vole tunnels, but also discovered his wedding band was missing. He had dug a relatively shallow 8-10′ trench and physically searched that area but was unsuccessful so he contacted me to work my magic. Sure that he had lost it in that area I suspected a relatively short search and the Equinox 800 & Garrett Pinpointer did not disappoint. James ring was hidden in the soft mud approximately 6″ deep.
Congrats James, thanks for the call, and good luck with the voles.

‘The Ring Finders’ – Good folks doing great things to reunite people with their sentimental jewelry!

Heirloom Gold & Diamonds Wedding Band Lost Portland OR – Found by The Ring Finders

  • from Hood River (Oregon, United States)

With a break in the weather Sophie decided to tackle yard work which included relocating some plants. Dirty hands and priceless heirloom wedding bands don’t mix so she removed her ring, placed it in her pocket, and continued working. Hours later she discovered her ring missing. In Andrew’s online search to buy a metal detector he also found and opted for ‘The Ring Finders’ … great choice! The next morning I was at their house with my Minelab Equinox 800 & Makro Gold metal detectors. I used the Makro with 4×6 elliptical coil in the tight spots among the plants & the Equinox with 11” coil in the open areas. While gridding the yard the Equinox sounded off, in ‘Gold Mode’, on the tiny gold ring. Success is always rewarding for myself and customers… amazement & gratitude never gets old.

Andrew & Sophie, thank you for the call and trusting my services to find such a precious heirloom.